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puppy amigurumi
I “Ruff” U, Tammy the amigurumi puppy is here to wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Designed by the utterly talented Amigurumi-an, Lee Mei Li of AmiguruMEI, Tammy the cuteness overload amigurumi puppy is going to melt everybody’s heart. Crochet it and give it to your loved one today. Let Tammy be the cupid of the most romantic day of the year!


This little cutie measures about 3″ tall, crochet with cyan and white yarns. You will need to know how to change the yarn colors while single crochet in a round. There are 7 amigurumi patterns of the puppy: Head, Body, Ears, Muzzle, Arms, feet and Tail; stuff and sew the parts together accordingly to assemble it up. The red heart is a 2-piece crochet, join up and sew it to the puppy and make it like Tammy is holding it.

puppy amigurumi

This year’s Valentine’s Day is special, it coincides with the Day 15 of Chinese New Year. The 15th days of Chinese New Year is known as “Yuanxiao Festival”. In Malaysia and Singapore, this day is celebrated by individuals seeking for a romantic partner, akin to Valentine’s Day. Normally, single women would write their contact number on mandarin oranges and throw it in a river or a lake while single men would collect them and eat the oranges. The taste is an indication of their possible love: sweet represents a good fate while sour represents a bad fate. [source: wikipedia]. When East meet West, it is a Double-Valentine’s Day!

Happy amigurumi and Happy Valentine’s Day!

amigurumi puppy pattern

{CLICK HERE to get pattern & tutorial of Puppy Amigurumi : Tammy}

{CLICK HERE to get Spanish pattern & tutorial of Puppy Amigurumi : Tammy}

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  2. Just adorable!! Sharing 🙂 Rhondda

  3. Tamura-chan is so very sweet. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. Oh awesome so cute i like it

  5. Hi,

    I don’t quite understand this, hooe you could explain further.

    Round 4: This will be where the two pieces join. Sc in the next 6 sts, then continue on to sc in the sts of the first heart piece. When you reach back to the second heart piece, sc in the remaining sts {16}. (you may use excess yarn from the first piece to tighten any gaps between the two pieces)

  6. Hi Joanne. I’ve made the heart for my sick mum and after I give it to her,she had been recuperate.So…just thank you very mutch!

    (It’s posted on: http://www.milicucc.blogspot.hu/ Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  7. Hello! I plan on featuring your pattern on my blog, Moogly, next week! It’ll include one photo and a link to your pattern, with full credit to you and none of the written pattern itself. If you have any objections, please let me know asap! Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

  8. Hi! Your amigurumis are so beautiful!!
    Congratulatios!! I tried to download
    The pattern in spanish and I cannot
    Understand a thing, it is so messed up,
    If you want I can help you translating
    Your patterns. Please contact me 😉 I have
    Experience on this 😉

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