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Origami 3D Bird

January 19, 2014 /
origami bird

Origami is among the first few crafts I have learned from my primary school. I am always amazed by its creations done by using piece or pieces of paper. Some folding techniques might look a little sophisticated but it is not as complicated if you follow the steps. When I first saw Jenny’s youtube channel on her how-to origami, I know that I must approach her to share with us on her talent. I am so glad that she agreed to guest post on Craft Passion with her first ever original design 3D Bird Origami – TWEET, and she even makes the effort to come out with a video and step by step pictures to show us the how-to.

origami bird

Jenny W Chan is a native New Yorker with a background in psychology and a passion for music, arts, and crafts. She is a self-taught origamist and has been folding paper intermittently for over 15 years. Her favorite technique of folding is modular origami, which involves assembling multiple pieces of paper–sometimes hundreds or even thousands–to create intricate, three-dimensional, models.

origami bird

Although her passion lies in origami and papercrafts, Jenny also enjoys hand sewing sock monkeys and has created numerous to benefit charity. Her latest venture involved teaching a four-week sock monkey workshop to adults with disabilities in New York City.

origami bird

Jenny has a YouTube channel dedicated to origami tutorials and music, with over half a million video views. Don’t forget to subscribe her channel and Craft Passion Youtube Channel while you are there.

origami bottom

Guest Tutor: Jenny
Special thanks to Joanne for the invitation to guest tutor on Craft Passion!


Having grown up with a parakeet at home, I have always been fond of birds. I have bird prints in my backpack, planner, wallet, and even reusable water bottle! Birds are also my go-to subject to draw. This bluebird bird origami, which I have named “Tweet,” was inspired by Twitter’s logo, and is my first, original bird origami model.


3D Origami Bird

Guest Tutor: Jenny
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Approximate Time To Finish: 8.5 to 9.5 hours
If you are cutting your own paper to size, probably closer to 9.5-10 hours.

Tools & Materials:

1. 428 sheets of paper, 4 cm x 7cm (368 Blue, 59 White, 1 Yellow)
2. 1 sheet of white card stock (eyes)
3. 1 sheet of black card stock (eyes)
4. 1 sheet of light blue card stock (wings)
5. Craft glue
6. 6 binder clips
7. Glue gun & sticks
8. Scissors

diy origami bird 0

A piece of 4 cm x 7cm paper

diy origami bird 1

1. Create 428 units (368 Blue, 59 White, 1 Yellow)
a. Fold 4 cm x 7 cm sheet in half, lengthwise
b. Fold in half again
c. Open unit
d. Fold flaps diagonally to center crease
e. Flip over
f. Fold diagonally to center crease
g. Fold flaps down
h. Fold in half

diy origami bird 2

2. Construction of Row 0
a. Glue 5 blue units at the tips only, all facing the same way
b. Secure with clips for drying
c. Repeat Steps 2a-2b in groups of 3-5 (create 5 sets of 5, and 1 set of 3 = 28 total units)
d. Remove clips after drying
e. Glue all 28 units together, at the tips only
f. Secure with clips for drying
g. Remove clips after drying
(ROW 0 IS COMPLETE. Additional rows will be counted as 1, 2, 3, etc. from bottom to top)

diy origami bird 3

3. Construction of Row 1
a. Slip 1 white over 2 blues from row 0
(In other words: White should be in between 2 blues)
b. Add additional units next to one another
c. Continue with 10 whites, 18 blues

diy origami bird 7

4. Row 2: 9 whites, 19 blues
5. Row 3: 10 whites, 18 blues
6. Row 4: 9 whites, 19 blues
7. After Row 4 (with bottom view facing you), shape unit by gently squeezing downward

diy origami bird 12

8. Row 5: 8 whites, 20 blues
9. Row 6: 7 whites, 21 blues
10. Row 7: 6 whites, 22 blues
11. Row 8: 0 whites, 28 blues
12. Row 9 (bird’s neck): Put all units on backward. 28 blues


13. Rows 10-15: 28 blues in each row (units face forward)


14. To Assemble Hair: 4 blues (from bottom to top: 1, 2, 1)
Place at top-center of the head (in between 2 units). Use glue if necessary.


15. To Assemble Tail: 3 blues (2, 1)
Place at bottom-center. Use glue if necessary. Spread tail out.


Side view of the tail.


16. To Assemble Nose: 1 yellow
Place at the center of the face into two openings. Use glue if necessary.


17. To Create Wings: Design, draw and cut out wings. Fold at sides. Use a glue gun to attach to the body.


18. To Create Eyes: Design, draw and cut out eyes. Use a glue gun to attach to face.
YOU’RE DONE! Tweet! Tweet! 🙂

3D origami bird


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Tuesday 9th of May 2017

This 3D bird origami is using modular origami technique, which involves assembling 428 pieces of paper to create intricate, three-dimensional, models.


Monday 20th of January 2014

Love origami---this is just so cool.

Karin Stewart

Monday 20th of January 2014

Hi Joanne, My Vintage Fabric that I won arrived two days ago. I love it! My daughter is also crazy for it so I will probably make up 6 cushions for her for her new home. Thanks again, Karin