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Banoffee Pie Recipe

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Today I share with you not a craft pattern, nor is it a tutorial on sewing. It is my debut post in my recipe section! As my first ever recipe on Craft Passion, I decided to share this banoffee pie recipe I attempted this Father’s Day. It was definitely a risky attempt as the chocolate shavings and sweetened condensed milk make this popular English dessert one suitable for those with a sweet tooth and my husband is definitely sweet averse. However, what fun is baking without a challenge?

When my skeptical husband took his first bite into this baked banoffee pie, he shut his eyes as he savored the delicious banofee pie and gave his hum of approval. The melted butter holds the fine crumbs of the digestive biscuits perfectly as a pie crust, and it balances the sweetness of the sliced bananas and toffee bits wonderfully. Hence, I present to you this easy banoffee pie recipe that will hopefully make its way into the hearts of your anti-dessert friends and family alike!

banoffee pie recipe

Origins of the Banoffee Pie Recipe

I had my first taste of this classic British dessert 17 years ago when I was studying in England for my Master’s Degree at the University of Warwick.

My thoughtful hallmate, knowing that I have a serious sweet tooth, baked me this banoffee pie as a housewarming gift to welcome me to England. Ever since then, I have searched high and low in Malaysia for a café or patisserie that sells banoffee pie, but to no avail. Not even in some of the most popular English tea houses here, so I had no choice but to put on my baking apron and give this banoffee pie a go in order to taste the delicious pie once again. I succeeded in my first attempt, this is how easy this recipe is!

Banoffee pie is a traditional English dessert invented by Nigel Mackenzie and Ian Dowding in East Sussex, England. The funny thing was, the reason that they invented this dessert was that they wanted to amend what they deemed an unreliable American recipe for “Blum’s Coffee Toffee Pie” from Blum’s Bakery in San Francisco in 1917. The original American cake did not include any fruits, but Mackenzie and Dowding decided to elevate the recipe by first testing with apple and mandarin orange. However, they ultimately settled with the banana and toffee combination.

Well, regardless of the reasons they decided to do it, we have them to thank for this amazing match made in heaven which is bananas and toffee.

What are your favorite food combinations?

Is it banana and toffee? Chocolate and peanut butter?

Let me know in the comment section down below!


The unique name is derived from the medley of ingredients used to make this scrumptious British pie which are bananas + toffee hence banoffee!

Banoffee pie is traditionally made from bananas, cream, and a thick caramel sauce (made from boiled condensed milk or a can of dulce de leche) with fresh bananas, combined and spread in an even layer on a buttery graham cracker crust base or one made from crushed biscuits and melted butter. Other variations of this recipe include dark chocolate, coffee, or both, and the top of the pie is often lathered with homemade whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon powder or cocoa powder.


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banana toffee pie

The Banoffee Experience

This delicious yet simple banoffee pie recipe contains four layers:

  1. A delicious digestive biscuit crust (you can replace it with a graham cracker mixture of graham crackers as well).
  2. A smooth, caramel toffee made by heating sweetened condensed milk in low heat or medium heat till it boils (homemade dulce de leche).
  3. Slice bananas on top of the toffee filling.
  4. And on top of the bananas, we have freshly whipped cream.

If it is the first time you trying this banoffee pie, you will indubitably be blown away by the explosion of flavors and textures that you will experience in just one bite. The best way to eat this in a serving plate is to eat the filling with the cookie crust together.

The filling is sweet from the thick dulce de leche and banana slices and the crunchy graham cracker crust is a little salty, truly the perfect combination. All this is balanced out by the light and airy soft peaks of the freshly whipped cream, and then you get a dash of sweetness again from the chocolate shavings. I am instantly transported back to England with every bite. Serve chilled with a cup of Earl Grey tea, and there you have it — an authentic English tea experience.

Adjustments for sweet tooths and non-sweet tooths

When I was preparing this banoffee pie, I made some adjustments to the original recipe, reduced the toffee, and increased the biscuit crumbs (I used McVities), as my husband is not a huge fan of all things sweet. For those of you who have a major sweet tooth, you can always increase the toffee filling or sliced bananas. If the toffee filling still isn’t sweet enough for you, you can always mix brown sugar or confectioners’ sugar into the filling in a medium bowl over low heat.

If you have tried this banoffee pie recipe and loved it, I have more recipes in my recipe section for you to master, and if you would love to give more sweet desserts a go, I have a cake recipe section that will definitely catch your fancy. Some cake recipes worth highlighting are my noteworthy cheesecake recipes. You can always try my Japanese Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake, and Matcha Cheesecake, and for those who want to indulge without guilt — Low Carb Cheesecake and Burnt Cheesecake both are flourless keto desserts perfect for those who are in a keto or low-carb diet.

banoffee pie recipe


Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 30 minutes

Banoffee pie is the first authentic English dessert I have ever tasted, I love it!!! I confessed that I have a serious sweet tooth, I gawk to the dessert aisle before deciding if I am going to dine in for the buffet cuisine. Unfortunately, since the last bite 17 years ago, when I was studying in England for my Master Degree at the University of Warwick, I haven’t got a chance to eat banoffee pie anymore… I really miss it!!! I can’t find any place in my country that sells authentic banoffee pie, not even in the popular English tea house, so I have to make one myself.

Enjoy making them!


  • Pie Base
  • Digestive biscuit (use McVities if possible) – 300 gram / 10.5 oz
  • Butter (melt)- 200 gram / 7 oz
  • Fillings & Toppings
  • Banana ~ 3-4 medium size
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk – 1 can (~500g, can make 2 portions)
  • Whip Cream
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Cinnamon Powder / Cocoa Powder

Utensils & Tools

  • 9.5″ Tart Pan with removable bottom
  • Silicon Scraper
  • Big Pot
  • Rolling Pin
  • Zipper bag (Large)
  • Bowls
  • Kitchen Weighing Scale


    banoffee pie method

    1. Place the unopened condensed milk in a big pot, fill with water to cover the whole can. Boil for 2 -3 hours. Make sure the condensed milk is fully immersed in the water all the time. Wait till it is cool before opening the can. While waiting for boiling and cool down, prepare the biscuit crumb pie base.
    2. Put digestive biscuits into a large zipper bag, release extra air & close the zip. Crush the biscuits with the rolling pin till fine. (Picture 1)
    3. Pour crushed biscuits and melted butter into a big bowl, mix well with a fork. (Picture 2)
    4. Spread the mixture on the tart pan, press on the base and side of the pan. Put into the fridge to chill while waiting for the toffee to ready.
    5. Open the condensed milk when it is ready and cool to touch. The toffee is thick and in brown color. (Picture 3)
    6. Slice the bananas.
    7. Spread the toffee and bananas on the biscuits crumb pie base. (Picture 4)
    8. Put back into the fridge until it is ready to be served. Spread the whipped cream on top, sprinkle some chocolate gratings, dust over some cinnamon powder or cocoa powder. Served chilled.

    Serving Suggestion:
    Eat the filling with the biscuits crumb base together. The filling is sweet and the biscuit base is a little salty, feel the tranquility when they melt and mix in your mouth.

    Banoffee Pie recipe


    1. You can prepare the toffee 1 day beforehand to shorten the preparation time so that you don’t have to wait for it to boil and cool down while making the pie.
    2. Since my husband doesn’t like a sweet dessert, I adjusted the recipe to reduce the toffee and increase the biscuit crumbs. If you like it sweet, add more toffee to your banoffee pie.

    Did you make this recipe?

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    Teri Davis Newman

    Tuesday 4th of March 2014

    I boil 4-5 cans of SCM in the crockpot as it keeps forever and a day. I leave in in there all day and then put it in the cupboard for when I need it. Makes a great apple dip too. My favorite use is to use it in my turtle cake.


    Saturday 1st of February 2014

    I've boiled sweetened condensed milk for years with no problem. It can be simply a caramel pie if boiled 3 hours. It becomes solid when set. 2 hours and it still pours. Just keep an eye on it & replace water if it boils below the top of the can. So rich! Greatest ice cream topping as well. This recipe IS awesome!


    Monday 11th of November 2013

    I had an older friend years ago who boiled a can of condensed milk in a pot of water and let it boil dry. The whole thing exploded all over her kitchen ruining most of her ceiling which I had to replace for her. I had never heard of such a thing in my life and thought she had to be remembering something her mother had made for her as a child incorrectly. Later I discovered that yes people did do this. My only suggestion would be to make absolutely sure you keep it submersed in water the whole time. It was one giant black mess which took me hours to clean up. The pie looks fabulously good BTW.

    Craft Passion

    Monday 11th of November 2013

    Oh... feel so sorry to know about the mishap accident on boiling the condense milk. Yes, it has to be immersed into the water and boil it under low heat (enough to maintain the water into boiling temperature).


    Saturday 20th of July 2013

    it is a wonderfull website i just see it and get idea i have to bicuit toppinga i saw and took the idea


    Monday 27th of May 2013

    I apologize if this seems dumb, but I'm scared to death to put a closed can of anything in boiling water. Not that I doubt you, but it sounds dangerous. I would love to make this for my husband, but I just need a few words of assurance. I've enjoy browsing your site. I love the craft section! Thank you for sharing so much of your passions with us.

    Craft Passion

    Monday 27th of May 2013

    Be rest assured, it is safe as it is just condensed milk in the can. Not dangerous at all to immersed the whole can into water and bring it to boild.

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