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Bunny Ears Headband Sewing Pattern

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Easter is right around the corner, and that means more bunny-related crafts! This time, I’ll be sharing a pattern for Bunny headband. Now you can make your own adorable bunny ears headband in kid and adult sizes, perfect for a bunny-themed get-together or Easter. Get your hands on these free, downloadable sewing patterns right now!

DIY cute bunny ears headband in kid & adult size for a bunny-themed party or Easter celebration. Free printable sewing patterns available for immediate download

It’s always fun to style up the house and make cute accessories to enhance the festive mood. Gotta tell you, nothing makes the kids (or adults) happier than being in the zone and celebrating fun festivals with holiday decorations.

bunny ears headband

Although Easter is a religious festival celebrated by Christians worldwide, it is also a well-loved cultural holiday by many others. People decorate their homes or public areas with colorful eggs and bunnies and plan exciting activities during this season.

bunny headband sewing pattern

As a crafty person, you know handmade items are the most thoughtful gifts. The delighted look on the receiver’s face always brings motivation for me to keep creating! For this holiday, sew an adorable bunny pattern headband to pump up your child’s outfit for an Easter church service, Easter egg hunt, or bunny-themed party. Since children love to match outfits & accessories with their friends, sew a couple of rabbit ears with my Easter bunny headband sewing pattern and pair it with a bunny coin purse so you could gift them to those around you. 

easter bunny headband

How To Sew
Bunny Ears Headband

continue to read and get the free pattern & tutorial below ⬇️

Don’t let the bunny headband’s fun & cheerful outlook trick you; see how it fits as an excellent accessory for adults too! Adults, let’s have a fun time together with the kids!

With this in mind, I designed this Easter Bunny headband sewing pattern in 2 sizes; one for children and one for adults. You may use pile fabric like plush, minky, towel, fleece, chenille, microfiber, and other similar fabric to achieve that extra soft and fluffy effect. Take note that a regular-size body towel will be sufficient for you to sew a few bunny ears headbands as it doesn’t require a lot of material to sew one. Remember to wash your fabric before sewing to make sure it doesn’t shrink further! You can also personalize the bunny ears by adding a cheerful cotton print for that pop of color.  

sew kid bunny headband

We spent quality time in the garden with Hanna and her wonderful family over the weekend. Just look at her chasing around the bubbles gleefully with the floppy bunny ears. Ecstatic with the thought of dressing up and playing around, she and her brother had so much fun hopping around like bunnies. 

sew easter bunny hair accessories
“Happiness is… Blowing Bubbles!”

Speaking of floppy-eared bunnies, if you wish to sew some stuffed bunnies to match the bunny pattern accessory, do check out the lop-eared sock bunny sewing pattern, droopy-eared sock bunny sewing pattern, and sock bunny sewing pattern

easter bunny headband
“Put your worries in the bubbles and blow them away!”

You might have noticed that the bunny ears headband on the children appears to be narrower. The reason is that we wanted to make sure it sits on their small head perfectly without falling off. This way, they can run around all they want and not worry about losing their accessory. Likewise as for the thicker band on the adult size, we have to make sure it doesn’t fall off when you’re trying to keep hair out of your face, too, right? 😉

bunny ear headband
“Could you please fill the bubbles with health and happiness, and deliver them to whom I love?”

The thing with handmade items is that you can customize them the way you want. Choose a manly color or fabric but use the same Easter Bunny headband sewing pattern provided below to sew them for your boys. 

bunny ears headband

Apart from the pile fabric I mentioned earlier, the only other materials you need to make this bunny ears headband are cotton fabric, thick cotton batting, elastic band, and the printable templates of the free pattern. Since this is considered a quick craft, you’ll only need about 1 hour of your time to complete it. The steps are quite simple, too – Gather your tools, choose the fabrics of your choice, print and cut out the downloadable patterns, sew the headband and bunny ears separately, then combine them by stitching the pieces together! 

blowing bubble easter

Download & print the free sewing pattern and slowly read through the detailed instructions to get started. Don’t worry if a sewing machine isn’t within your reach. You may hand-sew the bunny ears headband with just threads and needles! 

adult bunny headband

Matching Easter bunny headbands

for everyone in the family! They’re certainly a pair of fun and lovely couple. 

bunny ears headband


Bunny Ears Headband Sewing Pattern

Bunny Ears Headband Sewing Pattern

Yield: Kid & Adult
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1 - $5

Free sewing pattern of cute Bunny Ears Headband in kid & adult sizes, comes with printable with the quick download links.
Perfect for Bunny Themed Party or Easter celebration or sew as a gift for friends who love bunny. It can be used as a headband while washing your face in the morning and evening to prevent the hair from touching your face.
Happy sewing!


  • Pile Fabric (eg. plush, minky, towel, fleece, chenille, microfiber, etc), 30" x 12" (Adult size), 22" x 8" (Kid size), prewash
  • Cotton Fabric, 10" x 8" (Adult Size)", 8"x 7" (Kid size), prewash
  • Cotton batting (thick), 10" x 8" (Adult Size)", 8"x 7" (Kid size)
  • Elastic band (narrow width, 3mm / ⅛"), 17" x 2 for adult, 13" x 2 for kid
  • Adult size Bunny Headband Pattern (3 pages).
  • Kid size Bunny Headband Pattern (2 pages).


  • Sewing essential
  • Sewing Machine or you can hand sew with slip stitches
  • Water Soluble Fabric Marker
  • Elastic threader, or a small safety pin


  1. Download then print out the bunny headband for KID SIZE & ADULT SIZE separately. Do not scale the printing. If you are not sure if the printing is in full size, check it with a ruler by measuring the 2" length shown in the pattern.
    Print out the pattern on cardstock and cut out the template.bunny ears headband
    bunny ears headband
  2. Prewash the fabrics to make sure that the shrinking is done before you sew the bunny headband.
    I use thicker and denser batting (meant for sewing purses) so that the bunny ears can stand up nicely.
    You may use an elastic cord from the hair accessories section if you can't find the narrow width flat elastic band.bunny ears headband
  3. Sew Adult's Headband
    Fold the pile fabric with the right-side facing each other, align the template with the broadest width (marked as centreline in the template) at the folded edge.
    Trace the outline with a water-erasable fabric marker, pin both layers inside the outline.bunny ears headband

    Cutout the headband piece.bunny ears headband

    Mark the sewing lines by drawing a line 1.5" from the edge, as shown in the picture.bunny ears headband

    Join the headband ends together to make it into a ring form by sewing them together with a 0.25" seam allowance. Press the seam open.
    Double fold the raw edge along the long side and align the first fold edge to the drawn sewing line. Followed by edge-stitching it to the sewing line. Leave a 1" opening (or wide enough) to feed elastic through, as shown in the picture.bunny ears headband

    Repeat the same to the other raw edge of the headband. Set aside.bunny ears headband
  4. Sew Bunny Ears
    Trace the bunny ear template on the batting with a ball pen or fabric marker.
    Stack the fabric pieces with the following arrangement: pile fabric at the bottom (with right-side facing upward), then the cotton fabric (with right-side facing down), lastly, the batting with tracing line facing up.
    Pin all layers.bunny ears headband

    Sew the ear pattern 0.25" from the traced line.
    Do not sew the bottom line of the ear.
    Repeat for both bunny ears.
    Cut along the traced lines.bunny ears headband

    Turn the bunny ears right-side out. Finger press seam flat.
    Fold the bottom edge into the ear and sew to close the opening. You may hand-stitch with slip stitches to close the gap if the pile is too thick to go through your sewing machine.
    Repeat the same to the other ear piece.bunny ears headband

    Mark the bunny ear position at the headband.bunny ears headband

    The bunny ears are 4" apart for an adult size.bunny ears headband

    Fold and stitch the ear's bottom together, followed by stitching it onto the headband using slip stitches around the ear base.bunny ears headband

    Repeat the stitching to the other ear.bunny ears headband

    Place both ears with the fabric side together, align and make a small stitch (at the broadest side) to bring both ears together.bunny ears headband

    With the ears holding together, they will stand up better when you wear the headband.bunny ears headband

    Feed the elastic band through the casing at each side, respectively. Tie or sew the ends together.
    Sew to close the openings.bunny ears headband

    This is the adult size of the bunny headband.
    Try it on your head. If the ears appeared to flop to the front, make a few stitches at the back of the ear to bring it a little behind so that it won't lean to the bunny headband
  5. Kid Size Headband
    Follow the instructions of Adult's Headband with some modifications at step 3. Since the kid's headband is slightly narrower than the adult size, it is sewn slightly differently.

    After cutting out the headband piece, mark the sewing lines, as shown in the picture.bunny ears headband

    Double fold the raw edges but instead to sew the full length like the adult size, stop the sewing at the intersection point. Make a few back stitches to lock the thread at the beginning and the end of the sewing.
    bunny ears headband

    Then sew the folded edges together at the narrower part, as shown in the picture.
    Remember to leave an opening for elastic band feeding.bunny ears headband

    Follow the instruction in step 4 to sew the bunny earpieces and attached them to the kid's headband.
    Feed two elastic bands into the casings respectively and tie a knot to join up each of the elastic bands.
    Sew to close the opening.bunny ears headband

    This is how the kid-size bunny headband looks like after completed.kid bunny headband

bunny ears headband

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Friday 24th of June 2022

These bunny ears are adorable. Thank you so much.

Foto Grafie

Thursday 25th of February 2021

This is unique and stylish bunny ears headband. I love to make new sewing pattern at home and this is very helpful blog for me. I will definitely try to make this. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Rosemary Bolton

Monday 6th of April 2020

Joanne, thank you so much for all of your inspiration. I really really do enjoy your blog. I am a gramma to 5 adorable babies (two daughters) and making them bunny ears is perfect.

Craft Passion

Tuesday 7th of April 2020

Happy sewing, Rosemary, granny of 5, really of proud of you.

Stanislava Hristova

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

Thank you so much!

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