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Crochet Angel Wings Pattern

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Upon completing the ruffle dress of the Angel costume for the crochet cat amigurumi, we proceed to design these crochet angel wings. Make a pair of wings using the same crochet wings pattern; then sew them together to assemble full wings. Depending on how you sew them together, they can fit your needs to have different flying styles. Scroll down for the details on how to crochet angel wings.

how to crochet wings

Crochet Angel Wings Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the pattern & tutorial 

No Angel costume would be complete without a pair of angels wings!

You may add these pair of wings to any of the amigurumi animals of these similar size to Amigurumi Cat. Since we make it a wearable piece, it is easy to add it to the crochet doll. Anyway, if you prefer to attach it permanently to the doll, just put them on the back. Remember our famous Winged Unicorn that we shared a while ago? There is a crochet pattern of another type of wings, more like insect wings. You may replace her wings with these angel wings too.

crochet cat angel

Besides being wearable for stuffed animals and dolls, these angel wings will also fit nicely as Christmas ornaments, Wedding decorations, or Angel themed celebrations. Here are some ideas on how to style and decorate with Angel Wings:

⭐︎ Add string to hang the wings on the Christmas tree.

⭐︎ Attach them to Christmas Wreath.

⭐︎ Use as an ornament on gift wrapping

⭐︎ Stick them to a wall as assembling a flock of flying birds.

⭐︎ Tie the on a rolled diaper or blanket as a baby shower gift.

⭐︎ Add a stand to become an Angel Wings Table Number for the wedding reception.

⭐︎ Add it to the trick or treat basket during Halloween

⭐︎ Crochet a bigger Angel Wings to make a human Angel Costume

⭐︎ As part of the pattern for a crochet bird

Please leave a comment if you can think of anything else.

crochet wings pattern

About The Wings

The size of each wing is about 5″ wide. Depending on the way you style the wings; the spread ranges about 8″ to 10″ wide. It is perfect for dolls that are a foot (12″) to a foot and a quarter (15″) tall. These dimensions are for the crochet wings made from raffia yarn or light worsted yarn. If you plan to make them in different sizes, you can achieve it by using a different yarn weight. For barbie doll size, you can use crochet thread instead of yarn. For babies, kids, and adults, simply use bulkier sizes, ranging from medium to super bulky yarn.

About The Materials and Tools

As you may have noticed from the picture, we used gold raffia yarn to make the golden wings and acrylic yarn to make the white and beige wings. The yarn weight is light worsted (US) / DK (UK) / 8 ply (AUS), and we used a 2.5mm hook to crochet them. As mentioned before, you could use other yarn weights to make the sizes you want to achieve

Since we are making the wings a “wearable” piece, we added elastic cords at the back of the wings. You can see the picture of how we added the cord to the wings in the instruction section below.

About The Construction

This free crochet pattern uses five crochet stitches; chain stitch, single crochet, skip, and slip stitch. Any beginner should be able to crochet these wings without any problem. Moreover, we have detailed instructions and step by steps photos to illustration the process.

As you can see from the picture of the wings, each wing has 11 rows of “feathers”. Each “feather” is made up of 2 rounds of crocheting. To make the counting and tracking more manageable, our pattern is written so that each “feather” consists of a round of slst (A) and a round of sc st (B). Confused? Don’t worry; scroll down to the pattern and tutorial section to read the details on how to crochet angel wings. We have everything covered.

After you have finished with the crochet wings, block them with some water, adjust the shape and pin them on a padded surface. You may also iron them on low to medium heat. To make the wings stay in their shape, you may spray some fabric stiffener on them before blocking.

angel costume pattern

These Angel Wings are part of the Angel Costume, consisting of a Ruffle Dress, Angel Wings, Star Wand, and A Golden Halo.

Wings are the source of the Angels’ powers, but they symbolize protection and love to humans. As angels spread their wings, we often depict it as a sense of hope, as if telling us to stay strong and rise during stressful times. 

Are you ready? Head down to the pattern on how to crochet wings and start making yours today.

Have a nice day and happy crochet.

free wings crochet pattern

Crochet Angel Wings Pattern

Yield: Angel Wings For Doll
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: USD 2 - 5

Make angel wings with the following free crochet pattern. We used raffia yarn and light worsted yarn to crochet 9-inch wide wings, but you can make a bigger size by using bulkier yarn.


  • Raffia Yarn in Gold, or equivalent Light Worsted yarn
  • Elastic Cord, 10"


  • 2.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry needle or Darning needle
  • Scissors



(In US crochet terms)
ch: chain stitch
sc: single crochet
sk: skip
slst: slip stitch


This pattern is written in the manner that each round consists of a round of slst (A) and a round of sc st (B). This is for the ease of tracking and counting.

Note that we only crochet the back loops of the stitches unless otherwise mentioned.

Make 2 with gold raffia yarn, or light worsted acrylic yarn of your choice.

Round 1: ch 9, begin at 2nd st from hook, sc 7, 3sc in the last st, continue on the other side of the chain base, sc 7. {17}
Round 2:
A - slst 8, ch 3, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 2 on the ch sts, sk 1 st, slst 8. {21}
B - sc 21. {21}
Round 3:
A - slst 10, ch 5, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 4 on the ch sts, sk 1 st, slst 10. {29}
B - sc 29. {29}
Round 4:
A - slst 13, ch 5, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 4 on the ch sts, sk 3 sts, slst 13. {35}
B - sc 35. {35}
Round 5:
A - slst 16, ch 5, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 4 on the ch sts, sk 3 sts, slst 16. {41}
B - sk 1 st, sc 39, sk 1 st. {39}
Round 6:
A - slst 18, ch 5, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 4 on the ch sts, sk 3 sts, slst 18. {45}
B - sk 1 st, sc 43, sk 1 st. {43}
Round 7:
A - slst 20, ch 5, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 4 on the ch sts, sk 3 sts, slst 20. {49}
B - sk 1 st, sc 47, sk 1 st. {47}
Round 8:
A - slst 22, ch 5, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 4 on the ch sts, sk 3 sts, slst 22. {53}
B - sk 1 st, sc 51, sk 1 st. {51}
Round 9:
A - slst 24, ch 3, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 2 on the ch sts, sk 3 sts, slst 24. {53}
B - sk 2 sts, sc 49, sk 2 sts. {49}
Round 10:
A - slst 21, ch 3, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 2 on the ch sts, sk 7 sts, slst 21. {47}
B - sk 3 sts, sc 41, sk 3 sts. {41}
Round 11:
A - slst 14, ch 3, begin at 2nd st from hook, slst 2 on the ch sts, sk 13 sts, slst 14. {33}
B - sk 3 sts, sc 27, sk 3 sts, slst to first st. {27}
Fasten and leave a long tail for sewing.
Sew the top of Rounds 10 & 11 to close the opening.


  1. Crochet 2 wings by following the Wings Crochet Pattern.angel wingsangel wingsangel wingsangel wingsangel wingsangel wings
  2. Sew to close the opening of the last 2 rounds.angel wings
  3. Wet the wings by spraying them with some water. Adjust the shapes if needed, then flatten the wings and pin them on a pad. Set them aside to block and to crochet wings
  4. With a tapestry needle, sew the wings together to assemble a full pair of wings.angel wings
  5. Add elastic cord to the wings so that the dolls can wear them on their shoulders.angel wings
  6. For the amigurumi pattern in the animal wildlife collection, you may add another elastic cord to wear the wings on the body. Pull the elastic from the back and fasten it to the bottom of the body below the legs. wings accessories


Depending on the speed and hours you are spending on the project, the total time needed is only an approximation.

You are allowed to make and sell from this pattern on small-scale production. However, you are not allowed to publish the patterns and pictures in any form without the prior written permission of Craft Passion.

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