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/Basic How-To/Crochet Tutorial: Loop Stitch

Crochet Tutorial: Loop Stitch

Crochet Tutorial: Loop Stitch

March 29, 2010 /

crochet loop stitch
I came across this beautiful loopy stitches few months ago, a reader sent me a picture and asked if I know how to crochet it… I didn’t have a clue that time, curiosity leaded me to find out more and spent some moment to practice and master the skill. Here I am, sharing with you how to crochet it (scroll down  for the video demo). I am doing a couple of projects by using this crochet loop stitch, detail to follow soon.
Crochet loop stitch is some times being called as fur stitch. So far, I haven’t found any abbreviation for it, so I am going to call it by name… Loop Stitch (LS).

The loop can vary from long to short, depends on how long you want it to be. You can wrap the yarn around finger, or pen, even a Q-tip stick to manipulate the length of the loop. The top photo is the long loop I crocheted by wrapping the yarn around my index finger (as shown in the video below). The bottom photo is the short loop version which I wrap the yarn on a disposable chopstick.

crochet loop stitch

There are 2 ways of crocheting it, 1 strand over or 2 strands over into the stitch. I found later is firmer as the loop is secure tied within the stitch.

The working is similar to as crochet a SC (single crochet), the only thing that you have to do is to wrap the yarn onto your finger and pull both strands through the stitch….. watch the video demo for better illustration.

Video On Crochet Loop Stitch

Additional info you may want to know:
1. If you are crocheting a flat work, alternate between row of loops and single crochet, provided you want to loopy looks on both sides.
2. If you are working on continuous, especially for amigurumi, you can choose to alternate or with loop stitches all the way.
3. You may cut the loop to create a shaggy look, or add beads for novelty look.

What can we do with loop stitch? The most common is the floor mat, may be a scarf, how about a sleeper with it, must be cozy if the loops are on the sleeper, otherwise, you can use it to sweep the floor if you make the loops at the bottom…. handbag, amigurumi flower, doll hair… etc… I think there are lots more possibilities… Please suggest to me what else you can apply this stitches to.


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