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Crochet Daisy Coin Purse

Crochet Daisy Coin Purse

May 10, 2009 /
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Just can’t get enough of making this sweet daisy. The crochet hooks are like a magnet pulling my hands!!! I made this purse to match the tote bag but this time I used single strand yarn. By using a single strand the daisy is smaller and about half the size of the one on the tote.

My mind is going to explode! I have the desire to write down the pattern of the basic purse. I have never done any pattern authoring before, this is my first trial. Please just be patient with me, I will need time to write, test to come up with a foolproof one to ensure that the pattern won’t bring you to never, never-land :p

I am not going to write the daisy pattern at this point in time, it is too difficult for me to write as I am just a beginner. It is complicated because it needs extra yarn at the outline to form the petals. You can always replace it with something else, like a brooch, for example, any brooch you like, just hook it on 🙂

By the way, the ball clasp kisslock frame I used is 8cm wide black-nickel plated, sewable type. I like sewable frames, they tend to be more lasting than those glue adhered —- they can withstand hand wash when they get dirty.

Not only this, you can reuse it to make into another purse for whatever reason; get bored with the original purse, purse torn beyond usage. All you need to do is just remove it from the existing purse and sew on a new one 🙂 Another recycling exercise! You can refer to my tutorial on “sewing a frame purse” on how to sew the frame, you will find it at the end of the post as sewing the frame is always the last procedure.

This purse measured: 10cm W x 9.5cm H, about the same size as my previous stripe coin.

Enough to put lipstick, a small mirror, some credit cards, and some cash.


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