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Halloween Candy Corn Memo Holder

Halloween Candy Corn Memo Holder

October 19, 2011 /
DIY halloween memo holder

Seems like the spiders are bothering my Halloween crafts lately…hmmm… They had got to my pumpkin basket and mummy holder, and now they are irritating my poor candy corn memo holder. See how creepy and eerie my Candy Corn Memo Holder is… oh!!!!

This candy corn memo holder is perfect for desk decor during the creepy October. You can make the mummy pencil holder pair with it and they make a wonderful companion on your desk while you work. Or, as a table number holder or menu holder on your dining table if you are having friends and families coming over for a Halloween dinner or party.

It isn’t hard to make and I have gotten this candy corn idea after drinking from a disposable paper cone cup of a water dispenser machine. While I was drinking, I think: “Can I do anything with this paper cone cup?” The idea struck and so I took some of the clean cone cups and put them inside my bag… shhh… don’t tell the manager that I st*le some cups from him yay… lol… As a reward for not telling him, ahem, here you are, the method to make the Candy Corn Memo Holder made from a paper cone water cups.

Candy Corn Memo Holder

Candy Corn Memo Holder

Make: 1
1. Paper cone cup or make your own cone from card stock
2. Yarns – white, orange, yellow and short length of black
3. Googly eyes
4. Wire – Aluminium or white floral wire 18 – 20 awg (I didn’t measure the length but I guess 2 feet should be sufficient, you can always join the wire if you don’t have enough for 1 length)
5. Craft glue
6. Cellophane adhesive tape
7. Longnose pliers
8. Scissors
9. Wire cutter

Material to make Candy Corn memo holder

Get ready all the materials and tools as per the above list.

Candy Corn Memo Holder 2

Use a pair of long nose pliers to make a few rounds of spiral memo clip.
Cut a small hole at the tip of the paper cone and insert the straight wire end into it.
Bend the wire to follow the shape and size of the base of the cone.
Total height is 6″, from clip to base.
Cutaway extra wire.

memo holder stand

Secure the wire to the cone base with some cellophane adhesive tapes.
Use your hands to press the round cone base to an oval shape.

Candy Corn Memo Holder 4

Apply craft glue to the entire cone outer surface. You can add glue as you wrap the yarn on it or you can do it at once.

Candy Corn Memo Holder 5

Wrap the yarns to the cone, start from white, orange and lastly yellow.

candy corn with expression

Attach googly eyes and some black yarns to give your candy corn a unique expression.
Leave it overnight for drying.


Not only spiders, seems like the ping-pong ball ghosts are getting to this pity candy corn memo holder too… oh no!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!

Candy Corn Memo Holder


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