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37 Must Try Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

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Warmest welcome to all quilt-loving folks and sewing buddies! Are you excited to step right into a world full of color, creativity, and coziness? Today, we will talk about jelly roll quilt patterns and the tips and tricks on quilting with these popular pre-cut fabrics! 

Jelly roll quilts provide so much room for the imagination and present you with a myriad of designs for comfort. In addition, we carefully selected a list of vibrant designs and patterns that will surely ignite the fuel for your quilting journey. So, what are you waiting for? Come with us as we guide you into a world of endless possibilities and show you what this project offers! 

Step into a world of quilting wonder with jelly roll quilt patterns. We offer funky geometrical patterns that allows you to create unique designs.

Hopping onto the jelly roll quilt journey is like embarking on a quilting adventure that’s as both enjoyable and speedy! Whether you’re an expert or just dipping your toes into the quilting realm, this technique is a surefire hit.

Here’s an interesting fact!

Did you know that the term “jelly roll” comes from rolling up colorful strips of fabric that resemble rolled-up confectionery?

Moda Fabrics was among the first companies to sell these pre-cut fabrics to quilters worldwide.

Since their emergence in 2006, jelly roll quilts have taken the quilting world by storm! Why? Well, it’s because of their versatility and simplicity. You can mix and match different prints and colors in a breeze, resulting in jaw-dropping geometrical designs that will have everyone gawking at your beautiful creation. 

These jelly roll pre-cuts can be quilted into exciting throw blankets, draped over a couch, or hung on a wall like a tapestry. So, if you are itching to begin a fun and fast-paced sewing project this weekend, grab those jelly roll strips and get ready to stitch up some magic!

jelly roll strips are basically little donuts in a neat little bundle. Each strip measures up to a cozy 2 ½” wide and a whopping 44 - 45” in length. Each jelly roll bundle is packed with at least 40 strips, all snipped from top-notch quilting cotton fabric to ensure the best experience for quilters. These bundles would save time and effort for quilters to mix and match the color coordination and prints to perfection.

What are Jelly Roll Strips?

During the 1900s, when pre-cut fabrics were not available, quilters would purchase yards of fabric and cut them into scraps to piece them together into beautiful quilts. As the craze caught the public’s eye, experienced quilters came up with a new technique of using pre-cut strips. These pre-cut strips made quilting much easier, and it brought joy to the hearts of quilters.

So, jelly roll strips are basically little donuts in a neat little bundle. Each strip measures up to a cozy 2 ½” wide and a whopping 44 – 45” in length. Each jelly roll bundle is packed with at least 40 strips, all cut from high-quality quilting cotton fabric to ensure the best experience for quilters. These bundles save time and effort, enabling quilters to mix and match colors and prints to perfection. 

Quilters, after threading through jelly roll basics, let’s stitch into those burning questions you’ve been piecing together!

FAQs Related To The Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

1. How many jelly roll strips do I need to make a quilt? 

The number of strips or rolls needed typically depends on your desired quilt size and chosen pattern. As mentioned before, a roll of pre-cut bundle contains at least 40 to 42 strips each, which is usually enough for a lap or baby quilt. However, larger quilts mean more rolls to fit. As a rule of thumb, 2 rolls would equate to a twin-sized quilt, and 3 rolls would make for a queen-sized quilt. So, keep in mind that the quantity needed depends on the quilt design as well. 

2. How do I cut my own jelly roll strips? 

Cutting your own jelly roll strips is an exciting way to mix and match different fabric colors of your choice. However, they can be taxing and time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools to help you in this area. Typically, using a rotary cutter is the fastest method, and you will also need a quilter’s ruler and a cutting mat. 

Here is what you are going to do: 
Step 1: Prepare your chosen quilting fabric. Lay it flat on your cutting mat and stack up 2 -3 layers of fabric to cut in one go for a faster process. 

Step 2: Measure each strip with 2 ½” in width with a quilter ruler. Ensure that your ruler is positioned accurately to make straight and precise cuts. 

Step 3: Next step, cut. Apply firm and even pressure on the rotary cutter to ensure the cut is clean and neat.

Step 4: Repeat the above steps until you’ve acquired enough necessary strips or rolls. Trim the end of the strips if needed.

3. Can I cut my jelly roll strips with scissors instead?

Since you will cut large bundles of rolls, using scissors can be more troublesome and difficult. Not to mention, it would hurt your fingers over time. But it is possible to do so if you can’t get your hands on a rotary cutter. All you would need are: 

– Fabric Scissors
– Sewing Ruler
– Seamstress Chaulk or fabric marker
– Pins (optional)

As for the cutting process, measure and mark the lines at 2 ½” intervals and pin multiple layers of fabric together. Lift the stacks up from your surface and cut away. 

4. How do I know if I have enough fabric for my jelly roll quilt?

Not knowing the precise amount of fabric needed for your project would be a horror. We would not want to jeopardize your experience with the lack of fabric to cover the entire quilt. Having enough strips is a must, but so is preparing extra to complete the look. Therefore, you can consider these factors: 

– The size of your desired quilt
– The number of strips required according to the pattern
– Leaving additional fabric for the borders, backing, and binding.

5. Can I mix and match multiple jelly roll collections into one quilt?

Sure you can! The more, the better, right? Mixing and matching your rolls is such a cool idea, and it is also visually pleasing as you provide diversity to your quilts. However, you must also keep the color and pattern matching in mind. Mixing the fabrics can be fun. But to make it look more lush and cohesive, it is recommended to experiment with your fabrics to ensure the textures and design match harmoniously. That way, your quilt project will be extraordinary.

6. How do I piece jelly roll strips to make a quilt top with a simple row pattern?

You can begin by aligning 2 strips with their right sides facing each other according to their prints and colors. Using a ¼” seam allowance, sew along the long edges of the strips. Then, you can continue to add one strip at a time, ensuring that you are sewing the right sides together until you have a large panel of fabric. 

7. What are the following steps after piecing up the strips?

There are a few things that you will need to do. These steps will act as a general guide on how to complete your quilt. However, be sure to follow the instructions given in each pattern to help you out as well. 

Step 1: Press the seams flat with an iron. This reduces bulking and flattens the panel. Depending on your preference and pattern instructions, the seam can be done open or to one side. 

Step 2: Trim and square the panel. Trim the edges to ensure proper straightness and to maintain the panel’s adequate sizing for your project. 

Step 3: Layering and basting. Layer your quilt top and add a layer of backing fabric to sandwich the batting between them. Lay it flat on your surface and baste the layers to temporarily hold them in place to prevent shifting. You can use safety pins, basting spray, or hand basting with large stitches. 

Step 4: Quilting process. This is where you stitch to fuse the layers together. You can either quilt it by hand or use a sewing machine to make it faster. 

Step 5: Do a final trim to ensure that the excess backing and batting are trimmed neatly to have straight edges. 

Step 6:  In this final stage, bind them to cover the raw edges around the quilt to give it a polished look.

What’s Next? 

37 Must Try Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Now that we have covered all the basics of quilting with jelly rolls, you can scroll through our list to pick your favorite patterns. We cover a variety of designs, paid and free versions, and techniques to keep them interesting for your quilting endeavors. Come with us as we inspire you with these selections of jelly roll quilt patterns. 

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