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Needle Felted Minion

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Have you watched Minions 2015? We went for the Minions movie during the weekend and the kids laughed their heads off in the cinema. The Minion movie reminded me that I have a pending Needle Felted Minion tutorial yet to share with you. I made it end of last year and it is a beginner-level project. All you need is a little patience and love to produce this cute little yellow minion.

Needle Felted Minions

This Needle Felted Minion is about 4″ high, made from a rolled-up yarn ball as the sculptural core. The sculptural core is then wrapped with the wool followed by the needle felt. It saves up a lot of wool with this method. You may add a jingle bell in the body to make it rattles if you are making it as a toy for the kid.

You can even resize it to turn it into a bigger doll or a smaller charm. You may also adapt the basic shape of this Minion to make other characters of needle felted Minions, tall needle felted Minions, single-eyed needle felted Minions, short needle felted Minions, baby Needle Felted Minions, etc.

How-To Needle Felted Minion

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How To Needle Felted Minions

What you need to get ready are some needle felting kits and supplies. Supplies like felting wool or wool roving in banana yellow, denim blue, black, a little on off white, brown, hazelnut brown, and grey. Some yellow and black yarns. Whilst for the tools, you need needle felting needles and cushioning foam, a tapestry needle, a marker, and a pair of scissors.

How To Needle Felted Minions Craft

Love love loves the Minions Stuart, Kevin, Bob, and their fellow Minions colony. They are friendly, funny, innocently simple-minded, and lucky on their thrilling journey. They worked as the henchmen for the world’s first female supervillain Scarlett Overkill and her husband Herb Overkill in the mission to steal the St. Edward’s Crown from Queen Elizabeth, and the adventure begins…

These small, yellow pill-shaped creatures have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who have only one purpose: to serve history’s most villainous masters. “Minions 2015” is, in fact, the prequel to the famous “Despicable Me” (2010) and its sequel “Despicable Me 2” (2013). Hence, you will see how Minions transform into this yellow pill-shape figure who is wearing denim overalls and goggles. Lastly, you will see what makes Minions work for Gru in “Despicable Me”.

Say “BA NA NA”

Make Needle Felted Minions

If you are interested in making another Minion’s craft, we have another tutorial to DIY Minions Hat out of Colored Corrugated Cardboard.

minion hat


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Needle Felted Minions - How To

Needle Felted Minions - How To

Yield: 4" Tall Needle Felted Minion
Active Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Avid Beginner
Estimated Cost: $5 - $10

This needle-felted Minion is about 4 inches tall and is made from a rolled-up yarn ball as the sculptural core. The sculptural core is then wrapped with the wool, followed by the needle felt. It saves up a lot of wool with this method. You may add a jingle bell in the body to make it rattle if you are making it as a toy for the kid.

Enjoy felting them!


  • Wool roving in off banana yellow, denim blue, black, a little on off white, brown, hazelnut brown and grey
  • Yarn – yellow, a little on black



Reference tutorials with video:

  1. Easter Carrot
  2. Little Bird
  3. Basic Needle Felting in shape with a cookie cutter (external Youtube video)


  1. a. Gather all the materials and tools needed for making needle felted Minions. Note that not all items needed are shown in the picture. Please follow the material list above.
    b. Roll the yellow yarn into a dense flat ends pill or ovoid shape of about 3 1/2″ tall and 2 1/4″ wide.needle felted minion

  2. a. Pull about 3 1/2″ wool from the roving (always pull your wool, don’t cut unless instructed), spread out the fibers, and split them into a few groups. Flatten them into thin layers
    b. Wrap the thin layer of wool around the basic yarn ball, vertically and horizontally, and cover it up evenly. Add more wool if needed.needle felted minion

  3. a. Pierce the wool with a multi-needle pen (with heavyweight needles) onto the yarn ball.
    b. Check if you need more wool to cover up and refine the shaping during the felting.
    c. The wool fibers are all intact and the body of the Minions is formed.needle felted minion

  4. Sketch the outline of the denim overalls suit of the Minions with water soluble fabric marker. The suit is about half of the height on Minions, with the front chest piece slightly higher that the back piece.needle felted minion

  5. a. Pull a small amount of 4″ denim blue wool form the roving and split it into 2 equal parts.
    b. Pierce them on the foam to form strips, or you can lightly hand-roll them into strips.needle felted minion

  6. a. Place the strip onto the marking of the strap.
    b. Pierce the strap with the fine felting needle until the fibers fused onto the body.needle felted minion

  7. Repeat the piercing of strip to the other strap.needle felted minion

  8. a. Pull apart about 6″ of denim wool to make overalls.
    b. Fold the loose ends and tuck them under the wool at the edge of the overalls.
    c. Pierce the wool to secure the fold.needle felted minion

  9. Pierce the denim wool with multiple needles after you are happy with the coverage. Again, piercing until the fibers are fused into the body and form a nice even layer of felt.needle felted minion

  10. Draw two 5/8″ circle onto the face, about 1/4″ apart.needle felted minion

  11. a. Cover the circles with off white wool and felt them.
    b. Add a bit of hazelnut brown wool to make the iris of the eyes. Outline it with dark brown wool, and add a pupil at the center.
    c. Add a bit of white on the iris to make the eyes sparkle.needle felted minion

  12. a. Mark two parallel lines on the top of the head, about 3/4″ long and 1/4″ apart.
    b. Insert black yarn to the tapestry needle, knot the end.
    c. Insert the needle from behind and come out from the end of the line.needle felted minion

  13. Pull the yarn tightly until the knot goes into the head.
    It is alright to leave an obvious hole at where the knot created. You can cover it with some wool upon finishing.needle felted minion

  14. a. Sew the yarn on the head to make loops of hair for the Minions, about 3/4″ long.
    b. Knot the yarn at the top of the head after the last sew.
    c. Bring the needle out at the back of the head, pull to make the knot hidden into the head.
    d. Trim off the yarn as close as possible, cover the traces with some yellow wool and pierce.needle felted minion

  15. Cut apart the loops and this is how the Minions looks like with hair.needle felted minion

  16. Make a few piercing on the center part of the hair. If the black yarn is visible at the center yellow part, cover it with some yellow wool and felt it until coordinated.needle felted minion

  17. Just like the way you did the straps for the denim overalls, repeat the same to the goggles strap, fold the loose ends of the wool and tuck under the rest.needle felted minion

  18. a. To make the goggles, felt two identical amount of wool into rod shape of 3″ long.
    b. Bring both ends together to form a ring. Pierce the ends.
    c. Repeat the same to the other ring.needle felted minion

  19. Place both rings next to each other and join them up by wrapping a small amount of wool and felt to join.needle felted minion

  20. Place the goggles onto the Minion, pierce it in place.needle felted minion

  21. a. Draw a smile on the face.
    b. Continuously piercing on the line until a dent line is formed to resemble the smiling mouth.needle felted minion

  22. Next, we are going to give the denim overalls some additional details.
    Same method as you did on the smiling mouth, continuously piercing on the side pocket line to make a dent line.needle felted minion

  23. Add a thin black line to further refine the outline.
    Repeat the same to the other side.needle felted minion

  24. Add button and front pocket and details with a tiny amount of black wool.needle felted minion

  25. Next, let’s make the arms and legs for the Minion.
    Pierce 2 identical amount of yellow wool into a rod shape, about 2″ long with one end rounded and the other end in loose wool. The 2″ length does not include the length of the loose wool.needle felted minion

  26. Use a pair of sharp scissors to snip the round end to make fingers of the Minion.needle felted minion

  27. a. Wrap the fingers with black wool to resemble the black glove.
    b. Add a small bit of wool of the glove to make the thumb.
    c. Add more black wool at the edge to make the ribbed cuff of the glove.needle felted minion

  28. This is the arm after completed. Repeat the same to make the other arm.needle felted minion

  29. a. Felt the legs with denim wool into a short cylinder shape.
    b. Felt the shoes with black wool, form a thick oval shape and pierce the sides to make them dented and resemble the shoes.needle felted minion

  30. Pierce the legs onto the body, add some denim wool at the join and felt it until coordinate and the legs are securely attached to the body.needle felted minion

  31. Attach the shoes to the legs in the same manner.needle felted minion

  32. needle felted minionLastly, attach both arms to the body, just under the straps.
    Needle felted Minions is completed.

needle felted minion


  1. When doing needle felting, pierce your needle straight into the object (don’t bend or prick the needle) to avoid the needle from breaking.
  2. Use a multi-needle in heavyweight for quick felting and use a fine needle to perfect the finishing.
  3. Draw and mark the outline of the shape on the felting object that will guide you on where to felt.
  4. Never cut wool instead pull it out from the roving, unless instructed otherwise.

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Elizabeth Bodner

Saturday 14th of May 2022

This is one of the best demos of felting I have seen. I am not an experienced felter but love it. Thank you.

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