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/Sewing/Pre-Teenager Shorts Sewing Pattern

Pre-Teenager Shorts Sewing Pattern

Pre-Teenager Shorts Sewing Pattern

September 29, 2016 /
pre-teenager shorts

As mentioned in the previous post “ruffle skirt sewing pattern” that my girl has grown up and most of her old clothes are getting a little too small for her to move comfortably. Being an Asian, we generally have a smaller body build, though she is now officially a teenager of the age of 13, she is actually wearing a pre-teenager size, about the size of 150cm (59″) in height or equivalent. She needs a pair of pre-teenager shorts to wear every day at home since we have warm days throughout the year. These navy blue pre-teenage shorts is one of them that I sew for her to replace all her old small shorts. By looking at her growth rate, soon, I will need to develop the teenager size as well.

pre-teenager shorts sewing pattern

Pre-Teenager Shorts – Free Sewing Pattern

get the link below ⬇️

Pre-teenager at this age will start to grow taller and building bigger hipline (for girls), in order to let them feel comfortable with the shorts, the length is longer, the hip measurement in the pre-teenager shorts sewing pattern is broadened, along with a modified crotch line to suit the growing hip and lower abdomen. Same as the kid shorts pattern and toddler shorts pattern, the pre-teenager shorts pattern comes with two front pockets and an elastic waistband.

shorts pattern with pockets

Please refer to the basic sewing shorts tutorial on how to sew these pre-teenager shorts. You can get the downloadable and printable 8 pages of letter size sewing pattern in the tutorial (together with kid-size and toddler size sewing patterns respectively). Print them out in a non-scaled printing setting, join up all the pages to make a full-size sewing pattern. There is a 2″ marking on the paper pattern (page 4) for you to measure and confirm if you are printing them in the correct size. Cut the templates out and start sewing 🙂

Happy Sewing!!!

front pocket shorts pattern

CLICK HERE to get the Pre-Teenager Shorts Sewing Pattern And How-To-Sew Instructions


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