Shaggy Bag Crochet Pattern

crochet shaggy purseMy latest creation….. the handbag which I have been talking over the previous 2 posts, where I showed how to make the zipper pocket and 6-compartment slip pocket. This is the bag that has them in it. So get ready to create one of the coolest fashion handbags with your own hands!

Remember the loop stitch crochet video, I made this bag out of this stitch. The material I used is poly jersey interlock, exactly the same material I used for the locker hook projects. This material is smooth and has some elastic property so it is easy to crochet. The lustrous finishing makes the bag shimmering. The loops can be cut to make the bag looks furry, but I kept it uncut until I get bored with loops :p

loop stitch bag pattern

This tutorial is a little lengthy as I am covering everything in detail and squeeze them into 1 post, including crochet of shaggy bag, attach of handlers, and insert of lining. Hope I made them clear to understand with all the step-by-step pictures. Let me know if I have left out anything or going too brief.

crochet shaggy bag

{CLICK HERE to get the Bag Tutorial: Shaggy Bag With Lining.}

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  1. dear Joanne L. I love this bag. problem is I need help with what you call the loop stitch. could you eplain it to me?

  2. Is this bag very hard to make? I do know the basics of crocheting but that’s bout it. I never made anything following instructions. It looks like a foreign language to me. I love this bag and really want one. Are there videos on how it’s made? The shaggy part looks difficult!

  3. Is there someone here in the Dearborn/Detroit area who can make the bag for me? Just wondering because as I said before, I only know some basics but I didn’t tell you I have severe neuropathy in my hands from chemo, they burn, hurt and are numb. I really don’t think I would be able to make it. I have no feeling in my fingers I can’t pick up things. My right hand is especially bad, my thumb, middle and ring finger have absolutely no feeling.

  4. Am I allowed to sell the finished items that I make from your written patterns?

  5. I love your bag! Although you recommend a little stretch I have some awesome ribbon yarn I am going to try! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  6. My dear, you are a genius. This is an amazingly beautiful bag! I love how eco-friendly it is, and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial! Keep doing what you do!

  7. Gosh, Craft Passion! I truly can’t get over this bag. It’s simply amazing! I’m still wondering if anyone out there would make this bag for me. I found out I also have carpal tunnel and have to wear a brace 24/7 on my right hand for 6 weeks then get tested again to see if there’s any improvement. It’s difficult typing with 1 hand, don’t think I can crochet with 1 hand! lol
    I’m not asking to make it for free…I

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  9. hola soy principiante en el tema de tejer, mi inquietud es saber si hay videos explicativos de como realizar carteras por que se me dificulta entender por escrito. desde muchas gracias y muy lindos sus trabajos.

    Translation (by Google):
    hi i am beginner in knitting theme, my concern is whether there videos explaining how to make purses that are difficult to understand me in writing. thank you very much for your work and very cute.

  10. Where do you buy this yarn?

  11. Idont understand how do you get the loop stitch,at the outside of the you have to turn,each row.thanks

    • Hi Suzzette, there is a video on how to crochet the loop stitch (you can find the link within the post). Indeed, the loops are formed at the wrong side of the work. You don’t have to turn the project, it is working around.

  12. Hello . . . I absolutely love this bag! I’ve chained the 41 stitches and followed the instructions until you rotate . . . once you rotate, do you chain another 41 stitches, single crochet as with the first set and then slip stitch the two together?

    Thank you!

  13. Hi, I bought the same green colour 🙂 I’ve done up to round 22 but my bag looks wider and shorter, haha! Must be my tension error. I’m just going to continue adding more rounds to the height to make it look more balanced before adding the ring. I can’t find the metal ring here in Ipoh so I have to make do with a rectangle one instead.

    I have a problem with the knot ending at the loop facing out, not very pretty. How do you solve this issue, if you do get this? Although it’s not very noticeable, I hope to not have the knot right at the peak of the loop. Thanks a lot. Hope to find an orange colour material to make the next one, but yes, cutting is a chore!

  14. la verdad que tengo bastante idea pero para mi concepto seria mejor que las instrucciones fueran en video

    Translation (by Google):
    the truth that I have a pretty good idea but my best serious concept that the instructions were in video

  15. just have to say this is the cutest purse. I am going to give it a try.

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