Safety Sign Triangle Pillow Sewing Pattern

safety triangle pillow
Tired of normal square or rectangle pillow in your house? Why not spruce up your home decor with this safety sign triangle throw pillow.

I got a triangle pillow form / pillow insert from Downlite and happy to see how good the quality is, especially the blended feather and down filling, and the polka-dot lining. The other 2 shapes are also darling to try out, can someone please try them out and show me what will you do with the cube and sphere shape?

safety sign triangle pillow

Safety sign would be one of the best designs to adapt in a triangle pillow form shape. So, I chose 4 simplest safety signs to applique on the pillow case cover; pipe the edge with black cord; sew a zipper on the case cover; and turn it to a 4-face safety signs pillow. Besides being a home decor, it is good in teaching the young ones to learn the signs. For example, place the warning sign at some where dangerous in your house (eg: stair case) to tell them that it is dangerous to play over there.

Safety Sign

{CLICK HERE to get the Safety Sign Triangle Pillow Sewing Pattern.}

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