Girl Shorts Sewing Pattern

girls shorts pattern
I am so addicted in sewing shorts for my kids with the fabrics I recycled from my old cotton shirts. This time, instead of sewing out of the same pattern repeatedly, I made some variations on the kid shorts sewing pattern by adding a knot or tie to the shorts’ hem.

Last time, I sewed the hem with ribbed band in the kid shorts tutorial, this time I modified the hem band to a tie-band. In additional, I used coordinated color with strawberry print fabric on the waistband, pockets and tie-hem bands to cheer up the shorts further.

tie hem shorts

My daughter loves this shorts so much that she wears it to her tuition class showing off to her teacher and friends “Mommy sewed this for me from her old shirts!” and proudly walk off into the classroom with a **BIG smile** …. Knowing that my daughter appreciates it so much really pays off the time I’ve spent in the craft room every night. Same astonished feeling happened when Jennifer showed me the boxer shorts she sewed for her husband by using the unisex boxer shorts pattern & tutorial… I am really happy and this is the best way you gals motivated me to make and share more here. Please feel free to feedback to me with your amazing handmade if you have made something from here.

Sew Tie Hem Girl Shorts

{CLICK HERE to get pattern & tutorial of Girl Shorts with Tie-Hem .}

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  1. I am LOVING the knots! They’re such a cute detail!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  2. Thanks for another great tutotial!

    I made a pair of these last night & this morning – unfortunately in my eageress to start sewing I didn’t measure the pattern peices against DD (as she was asleep in bed!) and she can barely get them over her knees!
    I’m going to slash & stretch the pattern to make her another pair to fit her dancer’s derrier!
    Picture of my shorts here;

    • Liz, the shorts is so pretty, I am sure your daughter will love it a lot when you sew a bigger size for her 🙂 So happy that you share the photo with us! Thanks !

  3. Success this time – I slashed the pattern and added 2.5cm to the front and 5cm to the back pattern pieces and 2cm to the body length, I also made the pockets a bit wider and deeper as they seemed small first time round.
    Happy to say DD loves them (she chose the fabrics) and has requested more!!
    Thanks for a great tutorial!

    • Hi Liz, I am so happy to see that your DD wears it and she has a good sense of fabric choice!!!
      How old is she? She seems to have better build than my 7 year-old daughter, no wonder the original size doesn’t fit on her 🙂

      • DD is 8 and wears age 7-8 clothes – she’s one of the smallest in her class!
        I use Ottobre patterns a lot and she fits the 128 size although I suspect she has inherited her mother’s British Pear shape as her waist and chest are smaller than Ottobres sizing! She’s also a keen dancer so her legs and derriere are pretty well developed if you know what I mean!!!

  4. ohh my god!iv missed out on a lot but this is a good welcome.this is extremely luvly.i have been busy nursing my baby girl(im glad she’s a girl cos il be trying this shorts too)i dont no who i love most right now…u or the shorts.

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  6. Help! Something is not right when I try to right side the ties once they are attached. It tries sucking I. The whole shirt. Something is backward. Please provide more guidance on how to attach ties inside out to hem and flip them out. These shorts are too cute!!! I want to finish them!

    • Do you mean you have problem turning the tie right side out? If this is the part, then make sure when you sew the tie from the tiring part, do stop at the notch marking. Then, attach the tie to the short by sewing FRONT PIECE of the tie hem only. Turn the tie hem right side out from the opening that you didn’t sew.
      Hope this help.

  7. The tie hem shorts are so chic and adorable. I would like to do this for my shorts of different lengths as well. Your cherry print really adds to the red checks as well. No doubt these are your daughter’s favorite shorts.

  8. I am stuck in the part of the tie hem, could you help me! you sew and then turn? i want to finish the shorts for my daughter ! thank you so much

    • Sew tying part of the tie hem at the top, a little away from the notch marking, then the diagonal side, then the bottom. When attaching to the shorts, sew only the front hem to the shorts. After that, turn the tie hem right side out and continue with the rest of the process.

  9. Hi, my little girl is a bit broad, can you tell me what I need to do if I needed to enlarge the template for a bigger size?

  10. Bellissimi!!!!!

    Translation (by Google):

  11. Instructions for the pockets would be nice!

  12. Hello,
    those shorts are so pretty! I really need one for me! Can you help me how to enlarge pattern to size 12? Thank you very much!

  13. I really enjoyed sewing these shorts for my 7 year old. They’re lovely and fit perfectly.

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