Zip Itself Coin Purse

zip itself coin purse
This Zip Itself coin purse is truly an amazing and creative handmade design… zip-up to a tetrahedron shaped coin purse, unzip to a long ribbon. This zip-itself coin purse is made from 2 simple materials that you can get from the shop easily – ribbon and zipper. Get the tutorial on how to sew Zip Itself coin purse with lining after this jump.

zipping up purse

I accidentally saw this Zip Itself coin purse when I did a search for the tetrahedron coin purse and I love the idea. I knew I am going to scratch my head and drill into the detail of the design and make it one day…. But, this day hasn’t been long before I need to pull my hairs and bite my fingers to find out the how-to from a mere internet picture. The story goes…..

lace zipper coin purse

On a relax weekend in June while shopping at a flea market in Straits Quay, I walked towards the only stall that sells handmade materials and finished handmade. I was so happy to find the little cutie Zip Itself coin purse hanging at the stall. Dawn and San San, the 2 friendly and lovely lady owners of HaHa Plaza are so nice to guide and teach me how to make this purse. They even gave me a sample and some materials to try it out. Take a peep to see me shopping at Haha Plaza stall, yeah, the one wearing green T (thank you, Vickson, for this wonderful photo and uploaded to their facebook page). I am so glad I made this trip to the flea market, not only to learn to make this zip-itself coin purse but to be friends with these 3 wonderful people, Dawn, San San and Vickson. If you happen to be in Penang and would like to get some nice & niche handmade materials (handles, frames, fabrics, buttons etc), HaHa Plaza will be at the flea market at the following dates:

July 30, 2011
August 27, 2011
September 24, 2011
October 29, 2011
Time: 10 am to 10 pm

If you are not able to make it to meet them personally, then visit their online shop.

ribbon zipper coin purse

zipper coin purse

{CLICK HERE to get pattern & tutorial of Zip Itself Coin Purse.}

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  1. Can I make this using 1″ ribbon? I have the cutest ribbon I’d love to make this with but it’s 1″.

    • Hi Christine, I haven’t tried 1″ ribbon before. From my understanding, the height of the purse with 1″ ribbon will be higher than the one done with 1/2″ or 5/8″ ribbon. I am afraid that it will be out of proportion but I could be wrong. Grandma G, mom of Jessica of How About Orange managed to sew one with 7/8″ ribbon with this tutorial but using sewing machine. I was surprised to see that the proportion is good and it is shown here. Perhaps, a 1″ ribbon can be done too. Let us know if you have tried it. Thanks.

  2. I just made this, and it is so cute! My 8 year old daughter will be giving it to a friend as a birthday gift tomorrow. I had a little trouble figuring out the last few inches, but once I realized that the zipper had to come back on itself it fell into place. Thank you, I really like this!

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  4. Does the width of the ribbon matter? or the width of the zipper? I have a huge box of ribbon and zippers just waiting for a the perfect project. Thanks for the tutorial!

    • The ribbon width does matter. Try to use back the same width mentioned here to maintain the right proportion. Use other width may require different zipper length.

  5. Muy encantadores, gracias por estas ideas.

    Translation (by Google):
    Very lovely, thank you for these ideas.

  6. Hi there, I am a little confused and wondered if you could help. i got to the last step, but my zipper is not at the top but at the side. I cant figure out how to do your last step (the one before the lining step. Please help.


    • Hi Kenya, please take a photo of your purse and send to me via the “contact us” form. I need to have a look at your purse before I know what is wrong. Thanks.

    • Hi, I’m a begining sewer and thought this would be a cute fun project, I did fine until the last couple of steps, I pressed the purse together and marked the corners with pins, then it states to judge the shape, it doesn’t look anything like yours, it does look like the picture of when you zip it up, is there a step missing or am I just not bright enough to figure it out? Please help. Thanks

  7. Hello,
    I love the patterns. All of them…Thank you…

  8. Hi,
    That’s a very interesting shape, cute and useful as well. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be trying to make it soon.

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  11. Made one! I love it although it’s not very tetrahedron… 🙂
    Thank you for your detailed tutorial!


  12. This looks amazing. Thanks a lot for such nice tutorial. I am curios though can we make this using 18′ zip. I seem to have lot of 18′ zip and not finding 20′ in the craft store. What proportion need to change while working with 18.

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  14. This is soooo cute!! I’m going to make this soon, but where can I buy the ribbons like the ones you showed?

  15. Too cute 🙂 Is there a video tutorial?

  16. Hi,
    I bought a couple of rectangular zipper coin purses a few years ago for my girls. I love the idea making a purse with different materials. I’m so glad to find this instruction. I had already made five purses. This purse makes a great stocking stuffer! Plan to make more with a different theme. Thank you!

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  19. These are absolutely the worst instructions I have ever encountered! I have never been so frustrated in my life! Why can’t there be a video to show how this is done?

  20. Thank you for your instructions. I just love this zip purse. I found a zip and grosgrain ribbon which I inherited from my mother in law who died aged 82 in 1990 (I have loads of old bits). Yesterday the last stage re crossing over the short side and long side, was foxing me but today I can see how it fits together clearly. My zip was perhaps longer than 20ins though so the top opening is not at the right angle to the base to make it a tetrahedron. Nevertheless I am thrilled with the results and will buy the correct size zip and have another attempt.

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  22. Absolutely adorable! Is there any websites where I can buy the ribbons?

  23. Thank you very much for your detailed tutorial. Took me a while to make these (as I was not very precise with my measurements & had to undo stitches several times) but succeeded in the end! My family’s amazed when I ask them to zip up the purses! I haven’t lined them yet but was thinking of using bias tape/binding as I don’t have leftover material? I also made your macaron coin purses & my kids loved them. Keep the tutorials coming & thanks again.

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  25. Thank you for the tutorial! I made a larger purse with two separate spirals, which was a bit challenging, but your tutorial helped a lot to get started. thank you.

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  27. Thankyou for the tutorial, now I can make it my self…

  28. What an adorable pyramid bag!! Came here from your facebook page; I’d like to give this a go in chainmaille; thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!!

  29. So is this supposed to be hand sewn?
    I’m confused about your back stitching and lost at the turn around at the top when it’s time to come back
    Thanks. I want to make one so bad

  30. Hello, I can`t understand your numbers: 7/8, 3/4 and so on.
    Can you send me the material list in cm (for Germans, sorry).
    Is your tutorial in inch details?
    I would be very happy if you can help me.
    Best Regards

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  32. I love this little coin purse, but i do not understand the las step. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

    • Many has problem understand the last part by reading the tutorial, but once you hands on to it, you will get the idea of which zipper tape goes to where. Please give it a try, it is not as difficult as it may look. If you still have problem on it after reaching this part, please send me a photo of your question, I will solve it for you.

  33. I’m already made it….. Thank u so much for sharing this tutorial………^_^

  34. Hi! I have made these coin purses many times and love them! I was wondering if it is permissible to make and sell them in small amounts using this tutorial? Thanks!

  35. I sat down and just started!! What a lovely idea, so easy once you’ve made the first one. I am going to make more for gifts! Thank you.

  36. Hello, Ive just made one of these for my daughter. She loves it, especially the fact that when completely opened out it makes the letter L (her name starts with L). My only issue is the final shape. I didnt quite get the same shape as yours. I found the last three steps a little confusing.
    Otherwise, great tutorial. Jen

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