Pom Pom Scarf Knitting Pattern

pom pom scarf knit pattern
I made another pom pom scarf again, this time it is a little different from the green pom-pom scarf I have made 2 years ago. Time flies so fast and it was like yesterday that I have got the first pom pom scarf done. You may find that both tutorials slightly different since I have to create a pattern that suits the yarn I used and the person who is going to wear the scarf.

kid scarf pom pom

This pink pom pom scarf is quick to knit by using the Sirdar’s baby snowball yarn I bought recently. It can be done in an hour or within 2 hours. The straight yarn between the pom pom is shorter than the previous yarn, so this time I am going to make only 1 stitch in between pom pom (instead of 2 for the previous pattern). This scarf is intended for my daughter, so I made it to have 2 bigger pom pom dangling at both of it’s V-shaped ends.

pom pom scarf

In this knitting pattern, I added 2 types of knitting stitches (as shown below). If they are new to you, don’t worry, the video tutorial shown in detail how to make these 2 stitches too.

  1. Kbf – Knit in front and back of stitch. This is an increment stitch where after you knit the 1st stitch, make another stitch at the back loop before take out from the left needle.
  2. Ktbl – Knit through back loop. This is to make a normal knit stitch “twisted”.


pom pom scarf

The video has caption on it with a relaxing background music. You can leave the speaker off if you prefer to watch the video quietly. Sit back and enjoy this 12 minutes knitting tutorial video to make a pom-pom scarf, including how to join the yarn in between. Try one for this cold winter.

There is a written pattern below, just in case you want to print it out to keep.

warm scarf knit pattern

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  1. That looks so cute! If only I could knit! I guess that is something to add to my to do list! Thanks for sharing and especially the video!

  2. The video is good, but I had a hard time between reading and trying to watch you knit. I was trying to watch you knit with that yarn and I kept missing the captions. It would’ve been easier if I had been hearing and watching instead of trying to watch and read at the same. Sorry, it’s just me.

  3. Joanne,

    You are wonderful – I love your creativity!


    P.S. Oh, how I wish you lived closer to me so we could work together on ideas.

  4. Faith Epp, I did struggle in between voice caption and written caption when making this video. I am no American and I don’t speak in American accent, probably you will find it is harder to understand what I was telling…lol. Please play the video repeatedly for the time being until I train my self in speaking American English 🙂

  5. Yes, I am planning to watch it again. I’m sorry – I hope I didn’t insult you. The video is very good.

  6. Faith, please don’t feel that way, I should really thank you to comment on this. Perhaps many like you find it hard to catch up with the caption 🙂 You gave me a good opportunity to speak out my reason here 🙂

  7. this is a wonderful tutorial ….. thanks
    can we use worsted weight yarn ( regular one , without pompoms)…….
    the stitch is really tempting to use .

  8. It’s beautiful! Where can I buy this sirdar baby pom pom yarn in Penang? TQ

  9. Jeannie, a shop in Queensbay Mall might have something similar but not Sirdar’s brand.

  10. hmmm. when i cliked on the link ‘knitting/pom pom scarf etc got a warning message that this was linked to a malicious site?

  11. This is funny….. mine works OK and the link is genuine. Please try again, could be bugs from facebook since it redirects to the link.

  12. Love it! Just finished my scarf and it is adorable. Thank you for your pattern and video

  13. Worked ok for me too.

  14. Cute model and cute scarf! 😀

  15. Hi, i love this design….. May i know where can i find the larger pom pom in PJ area? Any good knitting supply shop to recommend?

  16. Thanks! Will try to find it if i happen to visit singapore….

  17. I watched the 6 how to knit pom poms tutorials until I found yours. It worked for me the best. I did go back a few times and read but it is a great tutorial. Thank you so much.

  18. Hi, what is the size of finished project?

  19. I love finding new knitting projects. I just bought some pompom yarn today because it was so pretty, I couldn’t resist it! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but after watching your video I think my daughter is getting a new scarf! Thanks so much!

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