Pom-Pom Turkey Brooch

pom pom turkey
May? What? It is May already!!! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I was in panic mode again because I have no idea what project to come out with…. until I was inspired by Micheals’ Mother’s Day Gift Idea [click the link and see the pipe cleaner flower on the decorating mug (top right photo)]… ahhh haaaa…. my heart-beat rate and blood pressure went back to normal, no more crinkle on my forehead, no more finger biting and no more head scratching…. I am safe!!! 🙂

I always wanted to come out with something quick and easy to make for Mother’s day craft so that kids can make it for their moms too. My little pom pom chick immediately came to my mind (remember I made a basket out of them?). This time I am converting the chicks into turkeys (I make another 2 smaller white turkey chicks) by adding pipe cleaners tail and make them into a mommy-baby turkey pom pom brooch, especially for this coming Mother’s Day celebration!!! You can get the pom pom and chenille pipe cleaner from Michaels.

pom pom turkey brooch

Now, I am done with the Mother’s Day craft, I better start thinking of Father’s Day. Getting into panic mode is not fun and I don’t want to trigger a heart attack and can’t even say bye-bye to you all… lol… just kidding! Woopsss… looks like my annual body check-up has been overdue for years, let me ring up the medical center to schedule one soon. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, remember, a better life needs a good health!

Are you thinking what I am thinking after seeing the brooch? How about turning this turkey brooch into Thanksgiving Card Placeholder in November?

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