Sock Bunny Sewing Tutorial

sock bunny
After a great success on making a bunch of sock monkeys, I challenged myself sewing another sock toy… this time I designed and sewed sock bunny. Not only this, I have got a good news to whom who loves bunny, I have another version, a kawai-i version of bunny, stay tuned for the update {update: here it is, the droopy ear sock bunny tutorial}.

Unlike many sock toys that needs a pair of socks to sew, each sock bunny only needs one (1) sock to make. With a pair of socks you can make a pair of bunny couples. If you have a rather new sock that lost it’s partner, you can make a bunny with it instead of throwing it away. You may use different sizes of socks to come out with various sizes of sock bunnies.

sock bunny pattern

The sock bunny can’t sit on its own, I pinned them down for photography purpose. You may add beads or rice to make the bottom heavier so that it can sit properly. Add the rice or beads in a small sachet and insert it into the body before closing up the opening to avoid the small particles from slipping out from the sock. Otherwise, you may add a string on it’s head to hang it up. Pinch the head and lift it up to find a balancing point to add string to hang.

bunny pattern

[If you are interested on the felted carrot shown at the background, here is the tutorial to make it.]

{Get full details on next page.}

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  1. thank you. I’m so glad! so cute!

  2. Very cute – I have lots of stray socks waiting to become something.

  3. They are adorable!
    You are so talented, Joanne! I think you need to join to teach people to do beautiful things and make some money along the way!
    ~ Iryna

  4. Awwww! this is cute. Thank you for the pattern.I will be making a few of these.:)

  5. Quedo precioso!!!!

  6. Oh dear…. This is so CUTE!!!
    I want to make 1 for my best friend’s daughter!!!!
    Thanks for this lovely tutorial….

  7. This is the cutest bunny I have ever seen… Thank you so much for sharing ;o)
    Greetings from Denmark

  8. Now I know where all the odd socks go to. Absolutely precious! Thank you

  9. Love it… Cute idea and a cute bunny !!

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  14. Where did you purchase those polka dot socks?

  15. Lovw this cute bunny it will be made and added to my other sock animals

  16. This is the cutest bunny Have ever seen. One question where do you live and how did you come up with that idea?

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  18. Прелесть! Спасибо за мастер класс!

    Translation (by Google):
    Lovely! Thanks for the master class!

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  20. Wonderful tutorial! I loved the outcome! So cute!!
    Great post!! I included it in my post Βόλτα στη Γειτονιά #26 🙂
    Have a great week!!

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  22. So cute! Such a cute bunny! I love bunnies.

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  25. Adorei os coelhinhos. Vou tentar fazer. Um obrigado pelas dicas

    Translation (by Google):
    Loved the bunnies. I’ll try. Many thanks for the tips

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  28. thankyou for these lovely patterns, i was so pleased to see how easy they are, and my grandchildren will love them. I am alway making some kind of toys, whether knitting or sewing, so once again , thanks and keep up the good work, chris

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  31. Great tutorial. Thankyou! I’ve made a monkey so far and am planning to make a mini zoo. I found some great zebra pattern socks and was wondering if you have tried making any zebras? I found a few patterns online but they are not as cute as your patterns are.

    • Hi Mandamck, thank you for liking and making the monkey. I do not have zebra pattern yet but I am thinking to design one soon. For the mean time, you could try out the owl, bunnies and penguin which was added in the pattern recently. Stay tuned for the zebra pattern.

  32. Thanks! I’m going to try the lop eared bunny next – the taller one. And some smaller monkeys. I’ll keep an eye out for the zebra pattern!

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  34. This little one is super adorable! I’m in love! Also love your step-by-step tutorial! I appreciate the time and passion you put into it! This post was featured here: Thank you so much for sharing!

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