How To Sew Sock Lion (Single-Sock)

sock lion
Sewing sock toys are easy, take my word, yes, it is easier than you anticipate. This is the 4th sock toys designed and created in Craft Passion, I can foresee that I am going to design more in the future. On top of the famous sock monkey, the 2 little cute sock bunny 1 and sock bunny 2, this time I am venturing into sewing a miserable looking Sock Lion with a single sock. I have gotten this idea after seeing a comment that Jacodi left, she wants to make one for her brother’s birthday. Hope this tutorial is still in time for her to sew.

single sock lion

While I was designing and sewing this sock lion with a single sock, I was already thinking of making a bigger version like the size of the sock monkey. Just after I have had this single-sock sock lion completed, I immediately jumped into another sock lion challenge, with a pair of sock lion (tutorial to follow soon). Oh…. sewing sock toys are just too addictive. I has a few insomnia nights just thinking of what to sew next! LOL!!!

sock lion

As mentioned above, socks are easy to manipulate due to it’s knitted property that is expandable and flexible. The heel and toe parts are best to be made into bum that could turn into head and butt for the sock toy. Stuff in the right amount of poly-fill and shape each part with hands. Lastly, add some expressions on the face to give it a touch of personality and character. With the various types of socks eg. toe socks and colorful socks available in the market, you will never get enough surprises of what a pair of socks would turn into. Start shopping and collect beautiful socks that you come across, you will sew up a storm and regretted that you have no enough socks to make.

Happy sewing!

{CLICK HERE to get pattern & tutorial of Sock Lion (Single-Sock).}

sew sock lion toy

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  1. Beautiful

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  3. This lion is very cute!!

  4. Can I get a PDF of this? Clicking the print button doesn’t do anything!

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  6. Hi Craft Passion people,
    I work with Prison Fellowship New Zealand and currently am working with a long-term woman prisoner who makes sock monkeys (not your pattern) to give to the emergency services when they are involved with children in trauma.
    Could I have your permission to give the sock monkey, bunny, lion patterns to this prisoner for a very worthy cause?

    Many thanks and warm regards
    Audrey Moonlight

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