Crochet Sunburst Granny Square Blanket

Sunburst Granny Square Afghan

Sunburst Granny Square Afghan

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Here is the Sunburst Granny Square Blanket I have mentioned 2 weeks ago in the color combination tutorial. Wow…. finally, I have finished this blanket after the took off since last year!!! Not that it took me a year to complete it, it is because I stopped after I have finished all the squares but couldn’t made up my mind of which perfect join to use.

In my previous granny projects, I have used “join-as-you-go” method (in this pattern) and “back-loop-join” (in this pattern). Now, I wanted to explore a new join method, so I finally decide to use “flat-slip-stitch-join” (tutorial to follow soon, here) for this Sunburst Granny Square Blanket. Love the flat seam line created by this joining method. Click here to find out other methods you could use.

The yarns I used in this blanket are Lion Brand’s BabySoft Acrylic Yarn. Even they are acrylic / nylon mix yarns but they are soft and comfortable, just nice for an air-conditioning room. I chose this range of yarn because it has a many pastel colors to choose from.

If you are not into huge blanket, you may adapt this method to crochet a smaller one. It is great as gift to newborn during baby shower, or as throw on the couch or cover for pillow etc. For smaller blanket, you need fewer yarn colors to crochet. Read this tutorial to check on how many colors to use to make your desire numbers of squares.

sunburst granny blanket pattern

{CLICK HERE to get pattern & tutorial of Crochet Sunburst Granny Square Blanket.}

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  1. Love love love! How big did yours turn out? I’m just looking for a new granny project… think I just found it! And thanms for doing the maths too, no way could I have done that!

  2. Beautiful and sooooo much work!

  3. Hi, this is wonderful and so clever! Please can you tell me the yarn you use, as I am from the uk, is it what we would call 4ply or is it double knit?
    Many many thanks

  4. Ameizing work! Please,tell me-how to You are going to put all the pieces of granny squares together?E mail me link,please:)

    • I will prepare a post on the joining method soon, please stay tuned. You may subscribe to email update or join Craft Passion on the social network to get the first hand update :)

  5. This is just the pattern I was looking for. Thanks for posting!! Looking forward to making this at the lake this summer. Any chance for your flat slip stitch joint method tutorial by the 1st of July?

  6. Given pictures it looks like you slipstiched the back loops from the front. It’s my favorite join I think. Sits completely flat, and it looks very nice as it frames the square!

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  9. Hi I wanted to try your pattern but I would like to try an throw on a smaller scale first. I was wondering how many squares I should across?

    • Hi Rachel, the quantity of squares you need to make a throw is all depending on how big you want your throw to be, also, how big is your square comes out. Let say, each of your square is 4″ x 4″ and you want your throw to be 54″ x 38″, then you need to prepare 13 x 9 = 117 squares up front. Join them up in 13 x 9 squares then add 1″ border to it. Hope this helped :)

  10. hello Pretty, is amazing work blanket!! is beautiful! thank you by share.

  11. My squares I worked 16 of the same colors and graduated from darkest to lightest on the outer circle of every row, with each square trimmed in white. So in all I have 21 different starburst graduating in dark to light up the blanket. My squares came out 5″ square making my blanket 80×126″ Perfect for a queen sized bed. I used I Love this Cotton from Hobby Lobby as I’m allergic to acrylic yarn. We actioned this blanket for a raffle fundraiser for Georgie’s Breast Friends – Free Crochet Breast Forms for Mastectomy Patients, and raised 10,500.00!!! and sold tickets 3 for 20.00. 2nd place was a sweater, and 3rd was a throw. The winner of the Starburst Blanket was thrilled beyond words! Thank you for helping make our fundraiser a roaring success!

    • OMG!!! Congratulations, Georgie!!!! This is awesome, I am so happy beyond words can described!!! Do you mind to show us your blanket? Please send through the contact form and I will have it posted in Craft Passion’s social media. Please say yes!!!

  12. This is beautiful, I’ve already started mine with Red Heart Super saver and I’m planning on selling it to get my best friend a plain ticket to Mexico (where I live).
    I was just wondering how long it took you to finish this project. I was exploring around tumblr and there were projects that took 2.5 years.
    Thank you

    • Hi Feerci, I can’t give you an exact date it takes to finish the whole blanket since I paused half way through out the process. Not only that I paused half way, I also did the project “part-timely” while having other projects in the same time line. However, I do estimated that you probably need at least 4 to 6 months to finish it if you are working on it solely. Hope this helps and happy crochet!!!

  13. Craft Passion I’m currently in the process of making a second SunBurst Blanket, also for raffle, which should be finished in another three to four weeks. I will send you pictures of both blankets at that time as both are very different in their approaches to this beautiful pattern.
    Thank you for the invite to share.

  14. I have pictures of the second finished blanket now and would like to post them as asked but can’t find where to upload the pics to?

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