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Crochet Sun Hat Pattern (Wide Brim)

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Need an accessory for your upcoming holidays? Learn how to crochet a hat for summer or sunny days with this free pattern. This free crochet hat pattern is designed with you in mind.

In this easy hat crochet pattern, I am sharing some helpful tips on how to make a  beach hat that fits snugly for various head circumferences, how to maintain the structure of the brim to stay wide and open, how to make the crown round and smooth, etc. All you need to know to make a beautiful crochet hat will be covered in the pattern section.

crochet beach hat
“I have made a pretty wide-brim crochet sun hat to enjoy the best of the summer vacation!”


While we enjoy warm hugs from the sun, it is pertinent to realize that the ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun are pretty harmful to our bodies. According to the American Cancer Society, being exposed to UV radiation for an extensive amount of time increases the risk of skin cancers. UVA and UVB rays from the sun do not only contribute to the development of skin cancer; they too damage our skin by disrupting our cellular DNA, causing sunburns, premature aging, wrinkled skin, and the formation of dark spots.

One of the many ways to protect ourselves from the harmful effect of these rays is to be under the shade. If there is no shade to hide from the sun, we ought to wear a proper outfit or apply sunblock to the exposed areas of our skin. For head covering, wear a hat with a wide brim that will shade your face, ears, the back of your neck, and shoulders.

beach hat crochet pattern
(These pictures were taken while I was on vacation in the Maldives end of last year.)

This crochet sun hat is my best companion during the last summer vacation. Not only did the crochet hat provide protection from the sun, it has also enabled me to have a vacation with a touch of fashion. I would say that’s a win-win situation!


scroll ⬇️ to get the free crochet pattern & tutorial 

beach hat crochet pattern
Get the Wide Brim and Narrow Brim Crochet Hat Pattern below.



Before we begin crocheting a hat, first, we ought to prepare the materials and tools. This easy project requires crochet raffia yarns (you may use spot-weight acrylic yarns), a roll of nylon fishing line, adhesive tape, lace trim, and a leather cord.

As for the tools, do prepare a crochet hook, stitch marker, tapestry needle, and steam iron to shape the finished hat.

I used approximately 2 rolls of Raffia with Passion yarn of solid colors coupled with a 2.5 mm crochet hook in single crochet stitches, working from crown to brim edge. 

crochet sun hat pattern


The complete pattern comes in two brim sizes:

  • 6” wide brim for the yellow hat, and
  • 5” wide brim for the blue hat.

The amount of raffia yarn to use will depend on the hat sizes as I used 2 rolls of yarn for the blue hat and 1.5 rolls of yarn for the yellow one. Do refer to the crochet hat size chart in the pattern section for the detailed finished dimensions which includes hat height, brim depth, fit head circumference and band circumference.


This crochet hat pattern uses some basic crochet stitches, and they are chain stitch (ch), single crochet stitch (sc), and slip stitch (sl st).


This is an absolutely beginner-friendly crochet hat pattern. However, if you still feel anxious about challenging this free hat crochet pattern, it would be a good idea to go through my guide to crochet to obtain a better understanding of how crochet works. You will get all the details from yarns to tools, how to hold yarn, and how to crochet all these basic stitches. You may also check out helpful video tutorials online on basic crochet stitches such as this and this to aid in visualizing the stitch pattern.

crochet straw hat


Since this crochet hat pattern is crocheted with raffia yarn, some call it raffia hat, raphia hat, or straw hat. I guess you could even call it a beach hat, as a wide-brim sun hat is mostly worn at the beach at holiday resorts. Or even a floppy hat as the wide brim gives it a slouchy appearance. 

Speaking of a slouchy hat, do you still remember the free crochet straw hat pattern I shared many years ago? It is also made out of one of my favorite yarns to work with. You may also be interested in this beautiful crochet bucket hat too.


In addition, I have updated 2 oversized beach tote bag crochet patterns that you can pair with this crochet hat pattern. Both of which are featured in the photos here. The Giant Shell Stitch Beach Tote is the one in yellow, whereas the blue one is the Diamond Stitch Oversized Tote.

giant beach tote


Happy crocheting!

crochet beach hat

Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

Yield: Crochet Wide Brim Hat
Active Time: 2 days
Total Time: 2 days
Difficulty: Avid Beginner
Estimated Cost: USD 20

The free crochet hat pattern comes in 2 brim sizes, 6″ wide brim (the yellow hat) and 5″ brim (the blue hat). The Sun Hat pattern is crochet from raffia yarn, Raffia With Passion, with a 2.5 mm crochet hook in single crochet stitches, work from crown to brim edge.

Apart from sharing the free crochet pattern of this crochet hat, the pattern section also includes some helpful tips, for example: how to make the beach hat nicely fitted for different head sizes, how to maintain the structure of the brim to stay wide and open, how to make the crown round and smooth.



  • Crochet hook 2.5mm
  • Stitch marker
  • Tapestry needle
  • Iron With Steam Function


Finished dimension:

Top to brim edge: 12.5″ (Yellow), 11.5″ (Blue)
Brim Depth: 6″ (Yellow), 5″ (Blue)
Band circumference: 23″
Fit Head circumference 21″ to 23″ (adjust with the leather cord at the band)

Crochet Gauge (4 inches square):

Before-block: 19 sts x 21 rows.
After-block: 17 sts x 21 rows single crochet stitches


in American crochet terms
ch = chain
Rnd = Round
sc = single crochet
slst = slip stitch
st = stitch

Crochet Hat Pattern

This pattern begins from the crown and works toward the brim in the continuous round


Rnd 1: 8sc in magic ring {8}
Rnd 2: Inc around {16}
Rnd 3: (sc, Inc) around {24}
Rnd 4: (sc 3, Inc) around {30}
Rnd 5: sc 2, (Inc, sc 4) 5 times, Inc, sc 2 {36}
Rnd 6: (sc 5, Inc) around {42}
Rnd 7: sc 3, (Inc, sc 6) 5 times, Inc, sc 3 {48}
Rnd 8: (sc 7, Inc) around {54}
Rnd 9: sc 4, (Inc, sc 8) 5 times, Inc, sc 4 {60}
Rnd 10: (sc 9, Inc) around {66}
Rnd 11: sc 5, (Inc, sc 10) 5 times, Inc, sc 5 {72}
Rnd 12: sc around {72}
Rnd 13: (sc 11, Inc) around {78}
Rnd 14: sc around {78}
Rnd 15: sc 6, (Inc, sc 12) 5 times, Inc, sc 6 {84}
Rnd 16: sc around {84}
Rnd 17: (sc 13, Inc) around {90}
Rnd 18: sc around {90}
Rnd 19: sc 7, (Inc, sc 14) 5 times, Inc, sc 7 {96}
Rnd 20: sc around {96}
Rnd 21: (sc 23, Inc) around {100}
Rnd 22 to Rnd 31: sc around {100}
Rnd 32: sc 11, (ch, skip a st, sc, ch, skip a st, sc 22) 3 times, ch, skip a st, sc, ch, skip a st, sc11 {100}
Continue to work on brim


Rnd 1: (sc 9, Inc) around {110}
Rnd 2: sc 5, (Inc, sc 10) 9 times, Inc, sc 5 {120}
Rnd 3: sc 4, (Inc, sc 9) 11 times, Inc, sc 5 {132}
Rnd 4: sc around {132}
Rnd 5: (sc 10, Inc) around {144}
Rnd 6: sc around {144}
Rnd 7: sc 5, (Inc, sc 11) 11 times, Inc, sc 6 {156}
Rnd 8: sc around {156}
Rnd 9: (sc 12, Inc) around {168}
Rnd 10: sc around {168}
Rnd 11: sc 6, (Inc, sc 13) 11 times, Inc, sc 7 {180}
Rnd 12: sc around {180}
Rnd 13: (sc 14, Inc) around {192}
Rnd 14: sc around {192}
Rnd 15: sc 7, (Inc, sc 15) 11 times, Inc, sc 8 {204}
Rnd 16: sc around {204}
Rnd 17: (sc 16, Inc) around {216}
Rnd 18 & Rnd 19: sc around {216}
Rnd 20: sc 8, (Inc, sc 17) 11 times, Inc, sc 9 {228}
Continue to crochet for narrow brim or wide brim option

For Narrow Brim

*Add fishing line and carry it along the stitches
Rnd 21 & Rnd 22: sc around {228}
Rnd 23: (sc 18, Inc) around {240}
Rnd 24 & Rnd 25: sc around {240}*
Rnd 26: slst around {240}

For Wide Brim

Rnd 21 & Rnd 22: sc around {228}
Rnd 23: (sc 18, Inc) around {240}
Rnd 24 to Rnd 26: sc around {240}
Rnd 27: sc 9, (Inc, sc 19) 11 times, Inc, sc 10 {252}
*Add fishing line and carry it along the stitches
Rnd 28 to Rnd 30: sc around {252}
Rnd 31: (sc 20, Inc) around {264}
Rnd 32 & Rnd 33: sc around {264}*
Rnd 34: slst around {264}


  1. Get ready the materials and tools to begin the Beach Hat crochet project.For the wider brim hat, you will need roughly 2 rolls of Raffia With Passion yarn, whilst the narrower brim will need around 1.5 rolls. Thereupon, purchasing 2 rolls of raffia yarn is sufficient to make this beach hat.

    A fishing line is added at the last few rounds to reinforce the structure of the brim so that it stays wide and open. The pattern calls for 100 lbs fishing line which is about 1 mm in diameter, however, you may use a slightly bigger size line to make a stiffer brim. crochet sun hat
  2. The crochet pattern begins from the crown and works toward the brim in a continuous round. crochet sun hat

    Follow the crochet pattern to make the crown and take note of Round 32.
    At the stage, the band of your head should measure about 21″ around of your tension is the same as the given pattern. crochet sun hat

    There are 8 holes created by chain stitches at round 32 of the crown. The holes are for the purpose of fitting the leather drawstring cord so that the band of the hat can be adjusted smaller to fit on a smaller head. If you do not want this sizing function, please omit the chain stitches in the pattern and replace them with single crochet stitches. crochet sun hat

    Block the crown with a crown block. {Scroll down for the DIY crown block to make your own with newspaper and tapes}
    Fit the crown block into the crown of the hat. Just push it in if you find it a bit tight, it is normal that the “unblock” hat is slightly smaller than the crown block. Set your iron to medium heat, with one hand holding your DIY crown lock, and one hand with your iron, press the iron to block the crown. You may introduce some steam if you find it works better in this way.
    Leave the hat to cool down on the crown block.
    Continue with the brim pattern until the instruction calls for adding the fishing line to the hat.
  3. Add Fishing Line To Reinforce The Brim
    Prepare the fishing line by making a loop-end, bend about 2″ of the line, and tape it securely with adhesive tape. crochet sun hat

    Draw yarn through the loop when you yarn-over during crocheting a single crochet stitch. crochet sun hat

    This is how it looks like at the back of the hat. You may continue to draw yarn through the loop if your loop is big enough, otherwise, just carry the fishing line along with the crochet stitches. crochet sun hat

    By carrying the fishing line along with the stitches, it simply means that you place the line on the top of the previous round and crochet as usual. This will hide the line in the stitches naturally.
    Do not bother too much on the tension of the fishing line at the beginning, as long as you can crochet comfortably, just continue the round, otherwise, smooth up a little to ease your way while you crochet. crochet sun hat

    After you have finished a round or two of crochet with the fishing line, you may notice that the brim will pucker up because the instruction said not to bother the tension of the fishing line. You may smooth out after a few rounds by simply swiping the brim in the same working direction of the round. It is alright if it not 100% smooth, just continue to work till the last 10 stitches before ending the fishing line. crochet sun hat

    Block the brim by pressing with a warm iron. Since the brim is a little slanted downward, do not try to seat the hat on the iron board to block. Lift the hat up a little and at an angle while you block the brim. If you do it correctly, you will have the brim edge sticks up a little and the hat is placed on a flat surface. crochet sun hat

    End the fishing line the same way as the beginning by making an end-loop again. Bend the fishing line to make the loop at the last stitch of the round, aka Round 33 for the wide brim and round 25 for the narrow brim. crochet sun hat

    Continue to carry the line while crocheting until you reach to the end loop of the fishing line.
    Draw yarn through the loop when you yarn-over during crocheting a single crochet stitch. crochet sun hat

    This is how it looks like at the last stitch of the round with the end loop being securely locked in place. crochet sun hat

    Finish the brim with a slip stitch around. Fasten the yarn end by stitching it to the first slip stitch of the round to mimic a slip stitch loop.
    Insert the tapestry needle into the second stitch of the round as shown in the picture. crochet sun hat

    Insert back to the loop of the last stitch. crochet sun hat

    Pull the yarn tight to mimic a normal slip stitch. Hide yarn. crochet sun hat
  4. Block the hat again with the warm iron to complete the beach hat. crochet sun hat

    Leave the hat to cool and set, at an elevated position.
    You may leave the beach hat plain or add a decorative hat band that is also functioned as a size adjuster (see below picture). crochet sun hat

DIY Crown Block

Before continue to finish up the brim, DIY a crown block by making a ball of 23 to 24″ circumference with newspapers and masking tape. This ball is for blocking the crown of the hat. If you have a commercial wooden crown block, it works the same. crochet sun hat

Wrap the ball or your crown block with an old t-shirt, tie it securely. crochet sun hat

Warning! Always test the temperature of your iron on a test gauge piece before do it on your hat to ensure you don’t burn your hardwork with high temperatures. 

Add Cord To The Band For Sizing

Line a lace at the band of the beach hat, you may pin the lace in place so that it is easier for you to work. Draw the leather cord through the holes of the lace and through the hat. Wear the hat on the head and pull the cord until it fits your head, tie the knot to lock the cord. Adjust the lace nicely and tie the knot to the lace as well. Trim the ends. crochet sun hat

Wide Brim Beach Hat with a decorative hat band

crochet sun hatYarn: Raffia With Passion,  Color: Daffodil, 7965

crochet sun hatThis is the narrow brim beach hat before adding the band.

crochet sun hatYarn: Raffia With Passion, Color: Arctic, 7903

giant beach tote

Crochet a matched color beach tote to uplift the style!

Giant Shell Stitch Beach Tote Crochet Pattern

Diamond Stitch Oversized Tote Crochet Pattern

Feel free to try out our other free patterns and tutorials on summer-themed crafts.


Depending on the speed and hours you are spending on the project, the total time needed is only an approximation.

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Thursday 2nd of December 2021

Where can I find the fish line? My husband's fishing line is very thin, will not hold the brim wide like yours. I am in Vancouver Canada, thanks, Leah

Craft Passion

Monday 6th of December 2021

Please try the hardware or DIY store, they should carry these fishing lines.

Jeni Beck

Sunday 15th of August 2021

I am making the Wide Brim version of this hat, & I have LOVED every minute of it! I am using JOANN brand Rafia yarn, a size E crochet hook, leather craft cord & 18 gauge craft wire from Walmart. The pattern is so easy to follow & I appreciate you making this a free pattern! I am going to Florida on vacation with my family next month, there are 4 of us girls going, & I wanted a sunhat for all of us. I will be using this pattern for all of them. I will be posting a pic of my finished hat(s) on Instagram & I will be sure to tag you (for credit as the designer, obviously). Again, I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your talents & creativity with the rest of us. This Sun Hat is gorgeous & I am thrilled to have found it!!! :)

Loni Gofran

Friday 16th of July 2021

I used 100 lb fishing line and it looks nothing like in your pictures and is not holding the brim up at all. My hat is extremely floppy. I think my only option is to add in a round or 2 of metal wire to actually hold it up.

Pamela Morris

Friday 25th of September 2020

How do I get the pattern AND the tips with pictures below. I only have the option to print the instructions

Craft Passion

Sunday 27th of September 2020

We will update this option soon.

vassal marie-france

Thursday 17th of September 2020

bonjour, j'aimerais tellement commander ce fil raphia, mais j'habite en France et nous, ce sont des euros et pas des dollars : comment faire? merci

Translation (by Google): hello, I would love to order this raffia yarn, but I live in France and we are euros and not dollars: what should I do? thank you

Craft Passion

Sunday 20th of September 2020

Please change the currency at the top right corner of the store's website to Euro, we accept major currency and ship worldwide. Thank you.

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