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22 Wonderful Origami Birds With Tutorials

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Welcome back, origami lovers! Today, we’ll be focusing on creating origami birds. We have gathered the best designs along with tutorials for you to make your own beautiful and cute feathered friends. So, grab your sheets of paper, sit back, and relax as we introduce you to 22 free origami bird designs to spoil you for choice!

A list full of origami birds that anyone can make! Find inspiration from our list to create your very own breathtaking origami bird with your own hands!

Making origami birds is a great way to unwind on a lazy afternoon. These versatile winged creations are fun to make and can be used as home decor to liven up your space! For instance, you can hang them up as garlands, use them as bookmarks, or even present them as adorable gifts! Plus, this activity is a great way to improve your paper-folding skills.

We’ve compiled a variety of free designs from which you can take inspiration for your projects! The list of bird creations listed below covers all skill levels to suit everyone’s taste. So whether you’re a novice at making origami or a seasoned artisan, you’ll find something for you!

But, before we begin, if you need some general guidance on this paper folding project, check out the frequently asked section below. We’ll answer all the juicy questions that you might have when folding your paper birds. As for those who are experienced enough, head straight to the list of free patterns and start your crafting session!

FAQs on Origami Birds

1. What supplies do I need to make an origami bird?

To make your origami creations, you only need a few items. These items are inexpensive; you can typically find them at home or in your local craft stores. Here’s what you’ll need:

– Origami paper in your desired color
– Bone folder or metal ruler
– Scissors (optional)

2. How long does it take to complete the origami bird designs?

The time taken to complete an origami project usually depends on several factors. Your skill level, the difficulty of the project, and the choice of materials used. Most of the designs listed below offer an estimated time to complete each project, ranging from a minute to fifteen minutes.

Since it depends from person to person, take as much time as you need to enjoy the process thoroughly. Once you get the hang of it, challenge yourself with a more complex design. Trust us, it’s rewarding and satisfying, too!

3. Can I make my paper-folded birds functional and practical?

You can make your origami creations functional and practical for daily use! As mentioned briefly above, you can transform your creations into bookmarks, make them into toys for your little ones, and incorporate them into DIY gifts for your friends or partner.

However, most origami animals are used for decorative purposes such as keepsakes, garlands, ceiling decor, and many more. If you want to turn them into adorable ceiling decor for your kid’s bedroom, look at this Origami Bird Ceiling Decor blog! It offers step-by-step instructions on how you can string them up together

4. Are the origami tutorials kid-friendly?

You’ll find that most of our chosen tutorials are kid-friendly! Origamis are very simple to make, and it also encourages your little one’s creativity. Though most of the patterns listed below can be done by kids, it is best to guide them through every step as they might find it challenging from time to time. Besides, it’s a great way to spend quality time with them while creating lasting memories.

What’s Next?

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22 Wonderful Origami Birds With Tutorials

Now that we’ve covered all the nitty gritty and queries on paper-folded birds, let’s get on with the designs, shall we? Grab your craft supplies, put on some relaxing tunes, and browse through our variety of paper-folding bird breeds to make with your little ones on a Sunday afternoon.

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