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Crochet Cape Pattern

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After we’ve made the Witch Hat and a Broom for Cosmo for his Halloween Witch Costume (click to get the complete set of patterns & How-To tutorials), we found that he needed a cool collar cape to make him look mysterious. Hence, we designed a crochet cape pattern and made a purple crochet cape for him. We also made another black cape for his wife, Hello Kitty, for her Halloween Devil costume. For now, let’s get the crochet cape pattern and make it for Cosmo for his Halloween Witch costume.

halloween cape crochet pattern

I hope by now you know who Cosmo is and who his wife is. No worries if you have missed out on the previous patterns, as this might be your first time visiting Craft Passion.

Who is Craft Passion? We are one of the biggest original craft websites that provide free patterns and tutorials designed by Joanne. L and her contributor designers. Free free to browse through our website to find something that you could make with your skill. If you couldn’t find something you are looking for, probably we haven’t created it, or it could be in the processing pipeline.

And, who is Cosmo? Cosmo is the black Amigurumi Cat we’ve shared not long ago before this witch cape crochet pattern. Click the links to get the free pattern of him, his wife, and his offspring kittens. And, if you would like to get other free amigurumi animal crochet patterns, you may find them in the link as well.

crochet witch cape pattern

Crochet Cape Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free crochet pattern & tutorial

The total length of our crochet cape pattern is 7″, with a drape length of 4.5″. This free crochet pattern is made up of three simple components; collar, drape, and tie. Begin by crocheting the collar, followed by the drape which is connected to the collar; then use chain stitches to finish off the tie until it measures 14″.

Similar to the Witch Hat we crochet for Cosmo, this doll cape crochet pattern is crochet with the same yarn weight, which is light worsted (US), or DK (UK), or 8-ply (AU). If you are using other yarn weights, together with slightly different crochet tension, your hat could come out bigger or smaller.  If the sizing of the cape is important to you, make sure to do a test gauge to compare with the crochet gauge of this pattern. Comparing the test gauges measurements will let you know your final crochet cape before proceeding with the project. Change yarn or hook size if needed to obtain the desired size.

crochet devil cape for doll

We crochet two sets of this collar cape for Cosmo and his wife for their Halloween dress-up event. Cosmo is wearing a purple cape to match his purple hat in his Halloween Witch Costume (click the link to get the full costume patterns). At the same time, his wife is wearing a black cape as part of her red devil costume. How sweet to see both of them dressed up and getting ready for the Halloween party

devil cape crochet pattern

Before we proceed to the free crochet cape pattern, do you know why Witches dress the way they do? Some Witches have a stronger fashion sense than others, but generally, they adore wearing long, flowy, and comfortable clothing. Think dresses, robes, capes, and cloaks! This type of clothing allows them to move around freely without restraints. It kind of makes them look magical, too, doesn’t it? 

With that said, Cosmo and his wife, who love their cape so much, are sure to have a strong fashion sense… Let’s prepare for the year’s biggest costume party!

halloween cape crochet pattern

Devil Cape Crochet Pattern

Yield: Devil Cape For Doll
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: USD 2 - 5

After we’ve made the Witch Hat and a Broom for Cosmo for his Halloween Witch Costume, we found that he needed a cool collar cape to make him look mysterious. Hence, we designed a crochet cape pattern and made a purple crochet cape for him. We also made another black cape for his wife, Hello Kitty, for her Halloween costume, which we will be sharing soon. For now, let’s get the crochet cape pattern and make it for Cosmo for his Halloween Witch costume.

This collar cape fits most of the amigurumi patterns in the Animal Wild Life Collection or any stuffed animal about the same size.

Cape: Total length: 7 inches, Drape length 4.5 inches

Different yarn and crochet tension will yield a different size of the final crochet pieces. Make sure to make a test piece to find out roughly what your final product will be. Change yarn or hook size if needed. I am using the same yarn as the amigurumi cat (and most of my amigurumi animals), 8-ply (AU) or DK (UK) or Light Worsted (US). Thus, if you are crocheting these outfits for your amigurumi animals, simply use the same yarn to crochet them.


  • Acrylic yarn in Purple and Orange, Or Black and Red color (8 ply/DK/Light Worsted)




(In US crochet terms)

ch: chain
dc: double crochet
2dc: 2 double crochet in a st (dc increase)
inc: 2sc increase
inv dec: invisible decrease
sc: single crochet
sk: skip
slst: slip stitch
RS: Right side
WS: Wrong side

Crochet Tension Gauge (4 x4 inches):

22 sts x 24 row (Single Crochet Stitch)


crochet vampire cape pattern

With Black Or Purple Yarn:
Row 1 (RS): ch 35, begin at 2nd st from hook, [sc 2, ch2, sk 2] repeat 8 times, sc 2, turn. {34}
Row 2 (WS): ch, sc 34, turn. {34}
Row 3: ch, [inc, sc 10] repeat 3 times, inc. turn. {38}
Row 4 - 5: ch, sc 38, turn. {34}
Row 6: ch, inc, sc 11, inc, sc 12, inc, sc 11, inc, turn. {42}
Row 7 - 8: ch, sc 42, turn. {42}
Row 9: ch, inc, sc 12, inc, sc 14, inc, sc 12, inc, turn. {46}
Row 10 - 11: ch, sc 46, turn. {46}
Row 12: ch, inc, sc 13, inc, sc 16, inc, sc 13, inc, turn. {50}
Row 13: ch, sc 50. {50}
Fasten and hide yarn.

With a new strand of the same color Yarn and with RS facing you, continue crochet from Row 1 of the cape.
(Note that the ch3 at the beginning of the row is counted as a stitch in the following crochet pattern)
Row 1 (RS): [ch3, dc] in the same stitch, dc 2, [2dc, dc 2] repeat 10 times, 2dc, turn. {46}
Row 2: ch3, dc 45, turn. {46}
Row 3: [ch3, dc] in the same stitch, dc 14, [2dc, dc 14] repeat 2 times, 2dc, turn. {50}
Row 4: ch3, dc 49, turn. {50}
Row 5: [ch3, dc] in the same stitch, dc 15, 2dc, dc 16, 2dc, dc 15, 2dc, turn. {54}
Row 6: ch3, dc 53, turn. {54}
Row 7: [ch3, dc] in the same stitch, dc 16, 2dc, dc 18, 2dc, dc 16, 2dc, turn. {58}
Row 8: ch3, dc 57, turn. {58}
Row 9: [ch3, dc] in the same stitch, dc 18, [2dc, dc 18] repeat 2 times, 2dc, turn. {62}
Row 10: ch3, dc 61, turn. {62}
Row 11: [ch3, dc] in the same stitch, dc 19, 2dc, dc 20, 2dc, dc 19, 2dc, turn. {66}
This is the length that Cosmo the black cat is wearing, if you wish to have a longer cape, continue the following crochet pattern, otherwise, fasten and hide yarn.
Row 12: ch3, dc 65, turn. {66}
Row 13: [ch3, dc] in the same stitch, dc 20, 2dc, dc 22, 2dc, dc 20, 2dc, turn. {70}
Row 14: ch3, dc 69, turn. {70}
Row 15: [ch3, dc] in the same stitch, dc 22, [2dc, dc 22] repeat 2 times, 2dc, turn. {74}
Fasten and hide yarn end.

With Red or Orange yarn:
ch 80 or until it measures 14", fasten and trim the end near to the knot. Apply some all-purpose adhesive to secure it.


Lace the tie through the 8 holes created by Row 1 of the Collar pattern. Tie a ribbon bow to bring both edges together.

crochet cape pattern

crochet cape pattern

crochet cape pattern

crochet devil cloak

Get the entire Witch Costume free pattern and tutorial.

how to make halloween costumes for doll

Isn't it lovely to see a couple of cat amigurumi in the Halloween costumes of Witch and Red Devil theme?

devil cape crochet pattern


Depending on the speed and hours you are spending on the project, the total time needed is only an approximation.

You are allowed to make and sell from this pattern on small-scale production. However, you are not allowed to publish the patterns and pictures in any form without the prior written permission of Craft Passion.

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