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Crochet Witch Hat Pattern

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Dressing up Amigurumi, Dolls, and Stuffed Animals can be fun. As Halloween is just around the corner, simply add a Witch Hat on your favorite stuffed animals to turn on their spooky look. This crochet Witch Hat pattern is a pretty quick crochet project to whip up. Not only quick, but it also uses just a small amount of your leftover yarn. Let’s scroll down for the free crochet pattern and how to assemble it.

witch hat crochet pattern


Witches have always been seen with cone-shaped, wide-brimmed hats. There are several stories and possible origins of why Witches wear a hat, but it became famous when a woodcut of a Witch wearing a pointy hat became known to the public. Since then, it has become the symbol of a Witch, to a point where if you wore a pointy hat, people would assume you were dressing up as a Witch. 

Today, we have Cosmo, the black amigurumi cat (click the link for the free crochet pattern), modeling the purple Witch Hat for us, and he finds it amusing. With all the funs on the dressing-up event on Halloween, he is looking forward to pairing the hat with the cape and a broom in order to turn himself into a Warlock or a Sorcerer.

witch hat

Crochet Witch Hat Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free crochet pattern & tutorial

Our crochet Witch hat pattern measures 4” tall, 3.5” wide. And, if you would want to fit it on the head, it fits into a head circumference of 4”. I used the same yarn as the black cat amigurumi; it is a light worsted (US), or DK (UK), or 8-ply (AU). If you use other yarn weights, together with slightly different crochet tension, your hat could come out bigger or smaller.

Since the crochet cat is already in black, I made a purple witch hat for it (ya, another dominant color for the witch theme) instead; however, feel free to use black if you prefer a black witch hat. You will first need to crochet the hat body in rounds with purple-colored yarn, followed by the hat band with orange-colored yarn, then the buckle with black-colored yarn. Finally, assemble the three components by sewing or sticking the band & buckle to the hat. You may squeeze and tweeze the hat tip a little to add some softness to the look.

The total time to complete the crochet hat is about 20 minutes. It is just an estimation as everyone’s skills and speed are different, so be prepared to spare more time on it for beginners.

diy halloween costume

What’s next after that? Want to add more than a DIY witch hat to your doll? How about making a cape and a broom too to make it a set of Witch Costume.

To ease your reading and pattern following, we have rounded up the Witch costume for amigurumi to include all the info into a single pattern (click the link for the free pattern and tutorial). It will be easier for you to get the details in a single post so that you don’t have to keep searching for the rest of the Halloween witch costumes. Also, if you are interested in the little pumpkin next to them, here is the link to the free amigurumi pumpkin crochet pattern. The pumpkin crochet patterns consist of 3 different sizes; the one shown above is the smallest size.

I hope you have a wonderful time dressing up your dolls. Have fun!


witch hat crochet pattern

Witch Hat Crochet Pattern

Yield: Witch Hat For Doll
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: USD 2 - 5

This Witch Hat fits in most of the amigurumi patterns in the Animal Wild Life Collection or any stuffed animal about the same size. You can either wear the witch hat on the head or place it on the crown of the head or on the ears of the larger stuffed animals.

Witch Hat: 4 inches tall, 3.5 inches Wide. Fit head circumference 4 inches.

I am using the same yarn as the amigurumi cat (and most of my amigurumi animals); it is Light Worsted (US), DK (UK), or 8-ply (AU). Thus, if you are crocheting the hat for your amigurumi animals, simply use the same yarn to crochet them.

Different yarn and crochet tension will yield a different size of the final crochet hat. If the sizing is important to you, make sure to do a test gauge to compare with the crochet gauge of this pattern. This will let you know what your final hat will be before proceeding with the hat crochet. Change yarn or hook size if needed to obtain the desired size.


  • Acrylic yarn in Purple, Orange, and Black color (Light Worsted/DK/8-ply)


  • 2.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors



(In US crochet terms)
ch: chain stitch
inc: 2sc increase
sc: single crochet
slst: slip stitch

Crochet Tension Gauge (4"x4"):

22 sts x 24 row (Single Crochet Stitch)


Hat Body

witch hat
With Purple Yarn:
Round 1: sc 3 in magic ring. {3}
Round 2: sc 2, inc. {4}
Round 3: sc 3, inc. {5}
Round 4: sc 4. inc. {6}
Round 5: sc 5, inc. {7}
Round 6: sc 6, inc. {8}
Round 7: sc 7, inc. {9}
Round 8: sc 7, [inc] 2 times. {11}
Round 9: sc 9, inc, sc. {12}
Round 10: sc 9, [inc] 2 times, sc. {14}
Round 11: sc 11, inc, sc 2. {15}
Round 12: [sc 2, inc, sc 2] around. {18}
Round 13: sc around. {18}
Round 14: [inc, sc 5] around. {21}
Round 15: sc around. {21}
Round 16: [sc 3, inc, sc 3] around. {24}
Round 17: sc around. {24}
Round 18: [inc, sc 7] around. {27}
Round 19: sc around. {27}
Round 20: [sc 4, inc, sc 4] around. {30}
Round 21: [sc 2, inc, sc 2] around. {36}
Round 22: [inc, sc 5] around. {42}
Round 23: [sc 3, inc, sc 3] around. {48}
Round 24: [inc, sc 7] around. {54}
Round 25: [sc 4, inc, sc 4] around. {60}
Round 26: [inc, sc 9] around. {66}
Fasten and hide yarn.

Hat Band

witch hat
With Orange Yarn:
Round 1: ch 30, slst to form a ring.
Round 2: ch, sc in next 30 sts, slst to the first st of the round.
Fasten and leave a long tail for sewing.

Hat Buckle

witch hat
With Black Yarn:
Round 1: ch 10, slst to form a ring.
Round 2: [slst in next 3 sts, ch 2, slst in next 2 sts, ch2] repeat 2 times. Fasten the yarn end to the first slst st of the round
Leave a long tail for sewing.


  1. Crochet Hat Body, Band, and Buckle according to the crochet given above.
  2. Insert the band from the crown of the hat, sew the orange band in place. You may glue it with all-purpose adhesive if you prefer to.witch hat
  3. Place the buckle on the hat and sew around. You may glue it with all-purpose adhesive if you prefer to. Hide all ends and tidy up.crochet witch hat

Get the entire Witch Costume free pattern and to make halloween costumes for doll


Depending on the speed and hours you are spending on the project, the total time needed is only an approximation.

You are allowed to make and sell from this pattern on small-scale production. However, you are not allowed to publish the patterns and pictures in any form without the prior written permission of Craft Passion.

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Sunday 17th of September 2023

Thankyou for this pattern. It was easy to follow and my little witches hat is all ready for Halloween

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