Toddler Jersey Shorts With Sewing Pattern

Toddler Shorts Sewing Pattern

Toddler Shorts Sewing Pattern

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As an addition to the shorts patterns, this is the toddler size shorts sewing pattern as promised. This toddler shorts has the same original design as the kid shorts with graded measurement to fit around age of 3. If you wish to sew the toddler shorts with the original design, please refer to the kid shorts tutorial. Please scroll down to download the pdf pattern from the link on the tutorial section.

If you have been following through all the shorts sewing in Craft Passion, from boxer shorts, fully lined weekend shorts, kid shorts and this one – toddler shorts, you should be able to handle this sewing project pretty well. I am not going to repeat the whole basic sewing for the toddler version because it is basically a repetition of the kid shorts. Today, I am going to make a little variation on the basic shorts sewing pattern that includes:
1. recycle your old polo shirt to a toddler jersey shorts.
2. add a ribbed band on the pocket by using a T-shirt ribbed sleeves band.
3. sew elastic band directly to the shorts’ waist.

1. Jersey fabric, 1/2 yard or a woman polo-shirt (at least a medium size, the bigger the easier)
2. Ribbed sleeve band (normally used on polo-shirt collar or sleeve)
3. 1 1/2″ Elastic band, length of the wearer’s waist measurement.
4. Ribbon, short length
5. Embroidery patch (optional)

1. Sewing machine with matching threads
2. 4-thread Serger/overlock machine or zigzag stitch
3. Printer, letter size (8.5″ x 11″) paper 6 pcs. & glue (to print and join pattern)
4. Carbon and tracing wheel
5. Scissors
6. Seam ripper
7. Sewing kits
8. Iron
9. Safety pin

Note: Even though the material calls for jersey, you can use cotton to make a cotton shorts.

toddler shorts sewing patternDownload the toddler shorts sewing pattern in pdf document and print it with your inkjet printer.
Feed the letter size paper into your printer and print the patten without setting any scale on the printing.
It is a 6 pages pattern, glue them together according the page number on the corners.
Cut the paper pattern out.
{the pdf download will either open in new tab or open a small window asking you to save it as file. If you can’t find the saved file in your computer, the default folder usually is in “/downloads”}
{If you can’t download the pdf pattern, probably you don’t have acrobat reader, download the latest version for free, here.}

original polo shirt medium sizeThe original woman polo-shirt of mine before turning into a toddler jersey shorts.
Use scissors to cut along the seams to separate out the front, back and the sleeves. Use seam ripper to separate the ribbed band from the sleeves, don’t cut.
Place the paper patterns on the cut polo shirt, arrange them to get the best cut.
I have to shorten the length of the shorts about 1″ in order to fit in the woman M size polo shirt. Cutting and arranging of pattern is easier if you have a bigger & plain polo T-shirt.
If your polo shirt has stripes like mine, aligned the stripes when pinning and cutting so that it looks neat and matched after sewn.

jersey shorts pocket from sleeves ribPin and sew the ribbed band along the pocket curve on the right side of the front shorts. Cut away the extra length.

sew jersey shorts pocketPlace Pocket A onto them, with right side facing the front shorts. The ribbed band is in between the shorts and the pocket. Align and pin from the shorts side.
Turn to the shorts side, sew on the first seam line.

sewing jersey shorts with ribbed band pocketFlip Pocket A to the shorts side, press with warm iron.
Double top-stitch near the edge and 1/4″ apart.

sew jersey shorts with pocketAttach Pocket B, pin and sew it with pocket A. Neaten the raw edges with 4-thread over-lock stitch by using serger or zig-zag stitch.
Personally, I like 4-thread over-locking, it gave a neater look.

sew jersey shorts elastic bandRepeat the same sewing steps to the other pocket.
Join the front, back, left & right of the shorts by following the kid shorts tutorial.
Neaten the rest of the raw edges by 4-thread over-locking stitch or zig-zag stitch.
Fold the shorts hem and double top-stitch on the seam.
Measure the wearer’s waist with the elastic band, cut the exact length. Overlap the ends by 1/2″, zig-zag stitch with matching color thread to join the ends.

embellished elastic bandCover both sides of the seam with ribbon, sew the edges with same color thread as the ribbon. Sew another ribbon approximate 3″ apart. Attach iron-on embroidery patch on the center but don’t iron, instead, stitch along the edge.

sew elastic band directly to shortsSplit the elastic band to approximate 4 equal parts. Pin the elastic band evenly across the waist, approximate 2″ – 3″ between pins.

stretch and sew elastic band onto shortsStretch the elastic to match the length of the waist between the pins, sew a short length at a time. Sew with same color thread as the elastic band.
Top-stitch another line 1/4″ above the first seam line.

sewing jersey shortsThe front view of the toddler jersey shorts with rib-edge pocket.

sewing jersey shorts with direct elastic bandThe back view of the toddler jersey shorts with an embroidery patch on the elastic band.

During the weekends, I love to sit at a corner and watch them play while doing my craft, though the shouting and screaming are hardly bearable and I have to intervene to control the situation a little so that they won’t do something beyond the limit. But, all in all, I do enjoy seeing the bonding between the siblings……

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  1. Those are absolutely adorable.

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  3. These shorts are SO CUTE! But oh where did you get the colored elastic??? I’ve looked so many places and can only find white, black or colored foldover!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I used to sew a lot, but now I mostly knit and crochet. My 4-yo is incredibly curious girl and I try to keep my sewing things away from her. I printed out the pattern and compared it to her shorts – if I add seam allowances, it will be her size! Thank you! I am going to try.
    PS – there is always Rit for those who wants to dye elastic bands….
    ~ Iryna

  5. This is so cute! I am featuring it on my blog today!

  6. Ce que tu fais est vraiment extra ordinaire, c’est vraiment super
    I love what you do
    Il fallait y penser.

    Bonne continuation


    Translation (by Google):
    What you do is really extra ordinary, it’s really great
    I love what you do
    He had to think.

    good luck

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  8. Wow! Love this- my little girl would like to wear these too!

  9. Thanks for this free pattern!
    I used your great pattern as the base for my own. I wanted something a little more fitted for my 4 year old daughter to wear for P.E. at school. I also wanted no side seams. So I didn’t cut out the pocket on the front panel and lined up the bottom seams, and slided one over the other until I got a tighter fit, then drew a new waist line. Then I traced around the new pattern, so that I still have your pattern to make her some cotton shorts. The whole process (cutting pattern, editing pattern etc to sewing in a name label), was about 2 hours. Now I have two shorts patterns!

  10. I have been looking for exactly these shorts – thanks sooo much! Can’t wait to make them for my gandchild!

  11. This was a great tutorial! Thank you so much for posting it. I remixed the pattern a little and posted a blog about it on my site.

  12. Just put a pair together for my little girl with grosgrain ribbon instead of the ribbed band and added a cute little button to give it a nice little detail…turned out sooo cute! Couldn’t be happier, came together in about 2 hours and was very easy to follow your instructions! Going to try the tie variation next!

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