Steamed Sponge Cake

steam sponge cake
A great steamed sponge cake recipe for those do not have oven to bake on. Simple love the appetizing lemony cranberries taste. A sponge cake that you can never stop eating until it is finished.

Usually, when I craved for cake I will either go to buy one from bakery shop or bake one at my mom’s house. But, during the weekend, I was hit by the mood of steaming cake at home. If you know me well or have read through some of my stories here, you will know that I don’t have an oven for food. I do have an oven for craft but not for food… lol, but hubby promised me to get me a fully equipped kitchen when we move to a new home. Hope it is a soon to happen dreams come true…..

steam sponge cake

Back to the cake…. I have got this recipe from a local baker’s recipe book: Magic Steamed Cake, by Alex Goh, ISBN #: 978-967-5413-35-5, the original name for this recipe is Lemon Angel Cake. It is a meringue based sponge cake and I find it quite healthy as it has used only little oil in it. Since I have all the ingredients in hand, I gave it a try. Due to the recipe is made by steaming, I already predicted that the cake won’t come out as fluffy as a baked cake. Well, I am glad that my assumption is not quite right, it is still fluffy but a little denser due to moisture it has in it. The steamed sponge cake has to be served fresh, the longer you keep, the denser it will be.

Since it has to be served fresh, a mini cake will be the right portion for a small family. Smaller cake is easier to steam too. I modified the recipe a little, then, halve the portion.

steam sponge cake recipe

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  1. I could have used this last night when I was having baking withdraw after my oven died.

  2. Great recipe! I don’t have an oven to bake either.. But I love cakes!!! I am gonna try the recipe out soon! And do check out my blog.. I had a recipe for Chocolate Steamed Cake 😛 You might wanna give it a try too!

  3. hiiiiiiiii i like it very much

  4. heh your steamed cake looks soft and fluffy! Heh i would wish to attempt it. Can i ask if i could use a manual whisk for this, as I havent got down to buying an electric mixer



    • I haven’t tried using hand to whisk (I don’t have strong arm, lol) but I think it can be done if you can whisk till the stiffness as described here.

  5. Can I use whole egg instead of just the egg white?

  6. Finally was able to print the recipe for the steamed sponge cake
    BUT it seems as though I will need a magnifier to read it???
    Will let you know how it turns out when I get to make it.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  7. You are the best”””أنت الأفضل”””.

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  9. very tasty and easy recipe .thanks for this blog . i try it. plz like this link.

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