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Christmas Gnome Crochet Pattern

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Hello everyone! Please welcome my new amigurumi design, the crochet Gnome pattern. I have to say, this Scandinavian-inspired Christmas crochet gnome has brought us so much joy, and my kids love it!

I am very pleased with how everything turned out, and I hope you enjoyed the Christmas crafts as much as I did. Below, you will find the free crochet pattern and instructions for this Crochet Gnome Pattern!

Free pattern of an Amigurumi Crochet Gnome Pattern with a snowflake on the hat. It's beautiful & perfect for your home decor during the holiday season.

Unlike most gnomes that have long beards, Chief Clover, the Christmas Gnome, is a neat and tidy gentleman with a face full of short beards! I decided to give him this name since gnomes are known to bring good luck and protect valuable goods.

gift guardian crochet gnome

How To Crochet A Christmas Gnome

Like most amigurumi patterns, this crochet gnome pattern is made by joining several crochet pieces together. This free Christmas gnome crochet pattern consists of 5 main parts, i.e. the red hat, the snowflake applique, the head, the nose, and the body that connects the legs.

We made this crochet gnome pattern beginner-friendly and kept things simple and quick. Not all of these 5 pieces need to be crocheted. The head and nose are yarn-wrapped balls, saving some time and hassle when crocheting. But you can also crochet the head or wrap a ball of yarn instead of wrapping the styrofoam balls with yarn.

Christmas crochet gnome pattern

If you are running out of time and need to finish this crochet gnome as soon as possible, you have the option of replacing the snowflake applique with a purchased one. You will surely find a few suitable ones in the Christmas decorations section.

Finally, assemble the crochet gnome by gluing and sewing together its body parts, ornament, bell, and stand.

You can also attach a string to the top of the hat to hang it on the Christmas tree as a crochet Christmas gnome ornament.

crochet gnome ornaments

Skill Level

As mentioned in the above instructions for crocheting a Christmas gnome, we have made this free pattern so simple that even beginners can have fun making a crochet gnome. You need to know how to crochet 2 basic stitches to make the main parts of this crochet gnome. These are simple crochet stitches (abbreviated “sc”) and increase in single crochet stitches (abbreviated “inc”).

If you have trouble understanding any part of the tutorial, you can use our crochet animal tutorial for beginners as a guide.

snowflake pointed hat

Supplies For Crochet Gnome

Prepare the following materials and make this magical crochet gnome using the free pattern. You will need acrylic yarn for the body and hat, fleece yarn for the head, a styrofoam ball for the nose and head, a jingle bell and a snowflake applique as decorations, polyester fiberfill to fill the hat and body, and a wooden disk as a stand.

easy gnome pattern

Fun Facts

Did you know that garden gnome were originally made in Germany? They’re known for their tidy figures, bushy beards, big round noses, and large hats that cover their eyes. Farmers believed that this creature could help them guard the crops and protect them from all sorts of problems in the garden! They may be small, but they’re super powerful!

christmas ornament

While gnomes are generally placed in gardens, in Scandinavia, these mischievous creatures are associated with Christmas and winter! Just as Santa visits the homes of good children with his sleigh full of presents, Christmas gnomes do the same, leaving gifts at the doorsteps of good children on Christmas Eve! Would you like to have a Scandinavian-inspired Secret Santa to protect you and your family? Then, keep scrolling for the free crochet gnome pattern and instructions!

christmas gnome


Happy crocheting!

gnome crochet pattern

Amigurumi Crochet Gnome Pattern

Yield: 10" Christmas Gnome
Active Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $2 - $5

Free crochet pattern of a Crochet Gnome Pattern with a Snowflake on the hat. It's a beautiful & perfect Christmas Gnome for your home decor during the holiday season.



  • 3mm hook
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Hot Glue Gun



sc: single crochet
inc: 2sc, increase


Gnome Hat

With Red Yarn:
Round 1: sc 3 in magic ring. {3}
Round 2: [inc] around. {6}
Round 3: sc around. {6}
Round 4: [sc, inc] around. {9}
Round 5: sc around. {9}
Round 6: [sc, inc, sc] around. {12}
Round 7: sc around. {12}
Round 8: [sc3, inc] around. {15}
Round 9: sc around. {15}
Round 10: [sc2, inc, sc2] around. {18}
Round 11: sc around. {18}
Round 12: [sc5, inc] around. {21}
Round 13: sc around. {21}
Round 14: [sc3, inc, sc3] around. {24}
Round 15: sc around. {24}
Round 16: [sc7, inc] around. {27}
Round 17: sc around. {27}
Round 18: [sc4, inc, sc4] around. {30}
Round 19: sc around. {30}
Round 20: [sc9, inc] around. {33}
Round 21: sc around. {33}
Round 22: [sc5, inc, sc5] around. {36}
Round 23: sc around. {36}
Round 24: [sc11, inc] around. {39}
Round 25: sc around. {39}
Round 26: [sc6, inc, sc6] around. {42}
Round 27: sc around. {42}
Round 28: [sc13, inc] around. {45}
Round 29: sc around. {45}
Round 30: [sc7, inc, sc7] around. {48}
Round 31: sc around. {48}
Round 32: [sc15, inc] around. {51}
Round 33: sc around. {51}
Round 34: [sc8, inc, sc8] around. {54}
Round 35: sc around. {54}
Round 36: [sc17, inc] around. {57}
Round 37: sc around. {57}
Round 38: [sc9, inc, sc9] around. {60}
Round 39: sc around. {60}
Round 40: [sc19, inc] around. {63}
Round 41: sc around. {63}
Round 42: [sc10, inc, sc10] around. {66}
Round 43: sc around. {66}
Fasten and weave in ends

Gnome Body

Begin with brown yarn. This pattern is made by joining two leg pieces together.
To make the first leg piece:
Round 1: Sc 8 in magic ring. {8}
Round 2: [inc] around. {16}
Round 3-5: Sc around. {16}
Fasten off and leave a long end for sewing.

To make the second leg piece:
Round 1: Sc 8 in magic ring. {8}
Round 2: [inc] around. {16}
Round 3-5: Sc around. {16}
Round 6: This will be where the two pieces join. Sc in the next 8 sts, then continues to sc in the first leg piece's sts. When you reach back to the second leg piece, sc in the remaining sts {32}. (you may use excess yarn from the first piece to tighten any gaps between the two pieces)

Change yarn to white:
Round 7: Sc around. {32}

Change yarn to red:
Round 8 - 13: Sc around. {32}
Fasten off and leave a long end.

Stuff body firmly. Sew the top opening closed flat using the long end.
Don't cut the long end. Reserve it for sewing the jingle bell.


  1. Wrap the bigger styrofoam ball with white fuzzy yarn; this is the head of the gnome.
    Wrap the smaller ball with peach yarn; this is the nose of the gnome.
    Glue the ends and part of the yarns with hot glue while wrapping.

    First, wrap the yarn on a styrofoam ball by gluing the yarn end on the ball with a dot of hot glue. Wind or wrap the yarn around the ball and apply glue intermittently, so the yarn stays in place. As you wind the yarn, be sure to twist the ball around to distribute the yarn evenly.
    Without styrofoam balls? You may also wind a ball of yarn without a styrofoam ball. It is just like you wind your stashed yarn into a ball. However, make sure they are tightly wound and won't come loose. As you wind, glue the yarn intermittently, so the yarn stays in place.crochet gnome
  2. Crochet the Red Hat, Body, and the Snowflake motif. Gather jingle bell and tapestry needle with a short length of red yarn.
    The hat should be slightly bigger than the head (together with the nose). If your hat is smaller, you probably need to add another few crochet rounds to make it bigger. You may get the next few rounds from this Cone Tree pattern.
    Crochet a Snowflake. You may follow this pattern to crochet or use another pattern.crochet gnome
  3. Tie a Dangling jingle bell on the body by bringing the yarn to the middle top and sew a dangling jingle bell.crochet gnome
    This is how it looks like after the jingle is sewn.
    Remark: Ignore the chain loop next to the jingle bell, it was supposed to be for another plan, but I changed my mind after taking this picture.crochet gnome
  4. To assemble the gnome, glue the nose to the head with a hot glue gun.crochet gnome

    Then glue the hat to the head. You may stuff the hat with some polyfill; this will give a better shape to the hat.
    Squeeze about 2" length of hot glue inside and near the edge of the hat. crochet gnome

    Insert less than half of the head into the hat and glue the back of the head to the hat.
    This is how it looks like after gluing the hat to the back of the head. Pull the hat to cover the nose a little and glue it on.
    Followed by gluing the sides until the hat is securely "sit" on the head.crochet gnome

    Glue the snowflake embellishment onto the hat. This is my famous snowflake crochet pattern that you can crochet with white lace thread.crochet gnome
  5. Next, glue the body to the bottom center of the head. If the wrapped yarn at the head is floating in this area, squeeze some hot glue to adhere the yarn to the styrofoam before gluing the body to that area.crochet gnome
  6. The Christmas gnome is completed. You may tie a string to the tip of the hat to make a hanging ornament.jingle bell gnome

    I prefer to let it stand on its own, so I glue the legs to a piece of a wooden decor


For those with experience, you may crochet a round head instead of wrapping yarns to the styrofoam balls.

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Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Having a hard time between row 5 & 6. Not sure how to go from two 8sc legs to 32 sc?

Craft Passion

Thursday 18th of March 2021

Sorry that there is an error in the pattern and I have amended it.

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