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Mini Santa Hat Hair Clip Crochet Pattern

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🎅 I hope you’ve found some inspiration within Craft Passion for decorating your home for that merry mood or creating handmade festive outfits for your family and friends! Don’t forget to tag and share your projects with me on Instagram or Facebook 🥰 If you still feel like something is missing to complete your little girl’s Christmas outfit, scroll down to see the free Santa Hat Hair Clip pattern!

santa hat hair clip

Long-time Craft Passion followers might remember I made a similar small Santa Hat crochet pattern 11 years ago. Now, I have a new version for YOU from what I have made for my pom-pom Snowman!

Santa Hat Hair Clip

Look at these little twin divas in their matching mini Santa hat hair clip and dress! Aren’t they just adorable?! Loving the Christmas vibes in malls and public areas, they spiced up the atmosphere and made it easy for us to take pictures with beautiful backdrops. While it may be easy to forget about the pandemic when we’re excited, remember to be still cautious and maintain a safe distance between the others! By the way, this is the first time these little girls get to step into a mall since the pandemic started.

Mini Santa Hat Hair Clip

scroll ⬇️ to get the free crochet pattern & tutorial

Santa Hat Hair Clip

I’m glad they enjoyed posing and dressing up as Little Miss Santa with my festive hair clip pattern. Don’t you think kids these days are such naturals in front of the camera? They never seem to feel intimidated or shy to get their photos taken. I’m sure they’ve gotten used to being a professional model in this digital age since they were babies. 

Since regular Santa hats may appear to be too big on a child, let me show you how to make a Santa hat hair clip instead! It’s also suitable for adults who do not wish to wear a standard large-sized Santa hat. It’s the subtle details that count. 😊 

Santa Hat Hair Clip

This mini Santa hat crochet pattern is adapted from the mighty cone tree crochet pattern I shared last week. Why did I call it mighty? Well, the possibilities are endless with that pattern! Not only have I used the pattern to create these cute Christmas hair accessories for children, but I also used it to make a hat for Chief Clover, the crochet gnome amigurumi!

This small Santa hat pattern only requires 30 minutes of your time, and craft hobbyists should be able to find these materials at home. It’s perfect if you need to pull off something quick. You’ll need some red acrylic yarn, white Fuzz-A-Fleece Yarn (or equivalent), mini pom-pom for the hat’s tip, craft foam and hair clip for the base, and Polyester fiberfill or stash yarn for the stuffing.

mini santa hat

If you’re living in a cold country, you can pair the DIY Santa hat hair clip with an accessory like the Miss Santa Cuff Leg Warmers! Let’s not forget to stay safe with the Santa face mask. If you’re still in need of a Christmas prop for your home, crochet a larger sized Santa hat and place it on the Santa Wreath & Noel Letters decoration!

Although many of you may be spending the holidays differently this year, you can still be in the comforts of your home; surrounded by Christmas decorations, Christmas music, Christmas-themed food, and of course, a Christmas outfit!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 

santa hat hair clip

Santa Hat Hair Clip Crochet Pattern

Yield: 3" H x 2.5" W
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $2 - $5

This small Santa hat pattern only requires 30 minutes of your time, and the materials can easily be found in a crafter’s home. It’s perfect if you need to pull off something quick. You’ll need some red acrylic yarn, white Fuzz-A-Fleece Yarn (or equivalent), mini pom-pom for the tip of the hat, craft foam and hair clip for the base, and Polyester fiberfill or stash yarn for the stuffing. It is adapted from the cone tree crochet pattern I shared last week.


  • Acrylic yarn, DK/Worsted Weight: Red Color
  • Fuzz-A-Fleece Yarn, White; or equivalent. approximately 1 yard
  • Mini Pom-Pom, 1/2", 1 pc.
  • Hair Clip; 2" Alligator Metal Clips
  • Craft Foam, Circular, 1 1/4" diameter
  • Polyester fiberfill or stash yarn


  • 3mm hook
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Follow the "Mini Santa Hat" crochet pattern to make the pointed Santa Claus hat with Red Acrylic Yarn and White Fuzzy Yarn. (2.Fig to 4.Fig)
  2. Attach a mini pom-pom to the tip of the mini Santa hat with hot glue (5.Fig)
  3. Stuff the hat with stashed yarn or polyester fiberfill. (6.Fig)
  4. Glue a piece of circular craft foam to the base of the hat then glue the hair clip to it. (7.Fig & 8.Fig).


sc: single crochet

inc: 2sc, increase

slst: slip stitch


With Red Yarn:

Round 1: sc 3 in magic ring. {3}

Round 2: [inc] around. {6}

Round 3: sc around. {6}

Round 4: [sc, inc] around. {9}

Round 5: sc around. {9}

Round 6: [sc, inc, sc] around. {12}

Round 7: sc around. {12}

Round 8: [sc3, inc] around. {15}

Round 9: sc around. {15}

Round 10: [sc2, inc, sc2] around. {18}

Round 11: sc around. {18}

Round 12: [sc5, inc] around. {21}

Round 13: sc around. {21}

Change yarn to white Fuzzy yarn:

Round 14: Sc around. {21}

Slst to next stitch then fasten off.


how to crochet mini santa hat1.Fig

Prepare all parts for assembly:

  1. Crochet the red mini Santa hat from the written crochet pattern above
  2. Approximately 1 yard of white fuzzy yarn,
  3. A 0.5" mini white pom-pom,
  4. A 0.25" diameter circular craft foam (I cut it out from a piece of black craft foam),
  5. Stashed yarn or polyester fiberfill,
  6. Hair Clip,
  7. Crochet Hook
  8. Hot Glue Gun

Santa Hat Hair Clip2.Fig

Continue to crochet another round of rim (Round 14) with the white fuzzy yarn. Crochet with looser tension with this bulkier yarn so that it is easier to get the yarn through the loops.

santa hat with white fur rim3.Fig

Hide ends inside the hat.

Santa Hat Hair Clip4.Fig

This is how it looks after the Mini Santa Hat has completed.

Santa Hat Hair Clip5.Fig

Glue a mini pom-pom to the tip of the Santa Hat with hot glue.

Santa Hat Hair Clip6.Fig

Stuff the hat with stashed yarn or polyester fiberfill.

Santa Hat Hair Clip7.Fig

Cover the base with the craft foam, glue it in place, and seal the edges.

Santa Hat Hair Clip8.Fig

Lastly, glue the hair clip to the base of the hat.

crochet mini santa hat9.Fig

The Mini Santa Hat Hair Clip is ready to go out with the pretty during the festive.

mini santa hat clip


Instead of making a mini Santa Hat, you may also crochet a bigger size and attach it to other hair accessories, for example, a headband. To make a bigger hat, follow the basic cone crochet pattern here, and continue to crochet from round 14 onwards.

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