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How To Sew Stuffed Lion

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Are you looking for a pattern for making a stuffed lion? Here is how to sew tutorial for making Lexi, a stuffed lion toy that looks innocent and shy and is made from a single sock. There are pictures that show you step by step how to do everything.

stuffed lion sewn from sock

Hear the lion roar in your home! Yes, lions can live with you and your family. Scary? No, the lions I am talking about are cute and cuddly, not big and hungry like those in the wild. These are part of the sock animal family and this one’s called Lexi, a timid stuffed lion sewn from a single sock.

Sewing sock toys are not as difficult as it looks. We’ve had the popular sock monkey (Marcho), followed by 2 different sock bunnies (Baby and BiBi). This single sock lion is the 4th sock toy to join the craft family and it’s not going to be the last.

how to sew stuffed lion

Lexi is a timid lion and very shy of people. He stands at 8” tall and is often seen crouching behind a pillar or statue, peeking out at the busy surroundings. What is going on? Why is everyone so busy? This is one lion plush toy that is too shy to go out and see the world.

Stuffed Lion, Lexi

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Slowly and cautiously, Lexi the single sock lion padded his way out from the bushes where he was crouching. He was thirsty and saw a puddle of clear rainwater from last night’s rain. Quietly, he crept to the puddle edge and sipped. Ah, such wonderfully fresh, cool water. Every sip was delicious and after 10 minutes, Lexi was happily refreshed. So refreshed, in fact, he decided to lie down by the puddle and purr into the grass.

stuffed lion sewing pattern

It was at that moment that I bumped into Lexi. I had finished my other sock toys and was left with 1 single sock. Where is the other missing side? What should I do, I wondered? I was looking around for the other lost sock and suddenly, remembered that Jacodi wrote a comment of wanting a single sock lion for her brother’s birthday. So the moment I saw Lexi looking so fresh and shy, I knew I had to try sewing a stuffed lion using a single sock.

Don’t Throw Away Single Sock That’s Lost Its Partner, Sew It Into A Stuffed Lion Plush

The best part was that I found out I only needed 1 single sock. Isn’t that wonderful? I could start immediately. And so I did, and right after I finished this single-sock lion, I was so energized I jumped into another sock lion craft venture with a pair of socks. Click the link to get, Shimba, another lion stuffed animal sewn from socks.

sock stuffed lion

Why Socks Are Good In Sewing Stuffed Animal?

Socks are easy to make into stuffed animals because they’re easy to manipulate. Their knit property makes them expandable and flexible.

Heel and toe parts are the best to be made heads and butts for the sock toys. Stuff in the right amount of poly-fill and shape each part with your hands.

To make the sock animal life-like, add an expression on their faces for some character.

With so many types of socks in the market (toe sock, ankle socks, striped socks, plain socks, the list goes on), there are just so many surprising sock toys each can turn into. So start collecting any nice-looking socks you come across, and you’ll be sewing up a storm. You may even end up not having enough socks to sew with!


single sock lion

How To Stuffed Lion

Yield: 8" Sock Lion
Active Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Avid Beginner/Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $3 - $10

Lexi, the single sock lion, is a timid lion and very shy of people. He stands at 8 inches tall and is often seen crouching behind a pillar or statue, peeking out at the busy surroundings. It is sewn with a single sock, so it is great for the sock that's missing its partner.

Enjoy your sewing to make your own Lexi Single Sock Lion. Let’s begin! 


  • Sock (crew length), single, 1
  • Grey felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Safety eye, Flat, 1/2″ (12mm), black, 2; or button; or felt
  • Safety Nose 1″ (24mm), Brown / Black, 1; or you can use a triangle felt to sew.
  • Embroidery Floss, yellow
  • Black yarn or embroidery floss
  • Orange yarn
  • Poly-fill stuffing material
  • Sewing thread


  • Sewing machine. You can also hand-sew, if you prefer
  • Long Sewing Needle (about 2") and pins
  • Tapestry needle
  • Cardboard, 2″ wide (to make lion mane)
  • Pen & ruler
  • Scissors
  • Erasable fabric marker
  • Iron


    1. Prepare all materials above. Always pre-washed your socks before sewing them. Turn the sock inside out and iron.
    2. Draw pattern on the sock. Sew then cut. Turn sock pieces right side out.
    3. Stuff parts with poly-fill stuffing materials and Sew to close the opening.
    4. Massage the parts to even out the lumps of the stuffing.
    5. Sew face features, arms, and tail, followed by the mane to complete the sock lion.

    Seam Allowance: give yourself approximately 1/8” or 1/4” (you need bigger seam allowance for loose-knit and thinner sock materials because they can be ripped off easily)

How To Sew Stuffed Lion With A Sock


single sock lionGather all the tools and materials. The actual quantity of poly-fill stuffing material is more than what is shown in the picture.
Adjust the sock so that they align properly. Press your sock with a warm iron.
Draft the sewing lines directly on the sock with a pen.
Yellow – Sew
Yellow (dash) – running stitch
Blue – Cut

Sew and Cut

stuffed lionAlign the stripes on both sides and pin, to make sure that the stripes are aligned at the seam.
Sew the yellow markings with a sewing machine, or hand-sew with a backstitch.

sew sock lionCut the pieces out following the blue marking.

stuffed liona.) Roll some yarns that is 1″ – 2″ longer than sock tail. Tie one side with yarn.
b.) Insert 1″ of yarn into the sock tail (with wrong side facing out). Stitch up to close the opening while securing the yarn.
c.) Turn the sock right side out. Remove the tying yarn, you can cut the yarn to have a straight tail tassel or leave it in the loopy shape.


stuffed lionTurn the rest of the sock components right side out.
Stuff the body and hands with poly-fill stuffing material.
Run a stitch at the yellow dash-marking, pull the thread to gather the sock to resemble the neck of the lion. Knot securely.



stuffed liona.) Since I am using a safety nose, I snipped a very small hole on the heel, slightly higher than the tip.
b.) Apply some instant drying adhesive to glue the nose in place. The glue will also stop the sock from being stretched too much and create a big hole. Install the stopper.
c.) The installed nose. You may use a piece of felt in a triangle shape and sew it on the heel, stuff the nose.

Eye Detail

single sock liona.) Cut 2 pcs. of grey felts into an oblong shape to make the eyes. Cut another 2 pcs. yellow eyelids for a more characterized look. Snip 2 small openings at the bottom half of the grey felts, insert safety eyes into each of them respectively.
b.) Stuff the head of the lion. Place the felt eyes onto the sock lion’s face, mark 2 spots for the stud of the eyes to go in. Make a small opening on each marking respectively.
c.) Install the eyes on the face with the stoppers inside the head. You may take out some of the stuffing to install the stopper, stuff it back when you are done.
d.) Stitch around the eyes or use glue to glue the pieces up.

stuffed lionSew and close-up the opening of the head with running stitches, invert the raw edges into the head as you pull the thread to close. Make another few stitches across to further tighten the gap.


single sock liona.) Knot the black yarn end, insert at the center of the neck, come through from the bottom of the nose.
b.) Insert the needle about 2/3 distant from the nose, go up and out from the bottom of the nose. Pull the yarn to resemble the philtrum of the mouth. Insert the needle into the bottom of the philtrum and come out at the cheek of the face.
c.) Make a french knot to resemble the vibrissa or whisker of the lion. The needle should cross the snout and come out to the other side, pull lightly so that the french knot is indented a little into the snout. Make another french knot on the other side of the snout.
d.) Repeat to make 3 vibrissae at each side of the snout. Finish the sewing with the needle out at the neck again, knot and cut off the yarn.

Sew Ears, Arms & Tail

stuffed liona.) Attach arms to the side of the body.
b.) Close the opening of the tail with running stitches.
c.) Attach the tail to the back of the body by sewing it diagonally across.
d.) With the same needle and thread, insert the needle from the back and come out at the middle of the body. Loop the thread to the back and insert into the same point and come out from the same point on the front. Pull the thread to make a dented line that creates the look of the limbs.

single sock lionSide view of the sock lion before attaching the mane fur.


lion fura.) Roll the orange yarn around the 2″ cardboard. Gather and stitch about 10 of them. Catch yarn into needle as you passing through them, loop 2 to 3 times and make a knot before proceed to the next group of yarn. Push the yarn out from the cardboard as you work.
b.) Measure the length needed to wrap the head of the sock lion. Make extra length if you want to have a dense mane.
c.) Stitch the yarn mane to the sock lion. For an even mane, divide the mane into 2 parts, pin it at the neck and top of the head. Sub-divide the mane again and pin at the middle of the side head.
d.) Complete look at the back.

single sock lionThe front of the sock lion with an innocent expression on his face.

sock stuffed lion

And here he is. Lexi, the shy sock lion. 


Socks will be stretched after they are stuffed so thick socks that are close-knit make better quality sock lion toys.

For different sizes of sock lions, use different sizes of socks.

Tip: always massage the stuffing to loosen out lumps. Long tubular parts should be rolled with both hands so any lumps will be smooth, and help to make the parts longer and firmer.

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Friday 4th of January 2019

Is there a video to show how to make the lion mane?

Craft Passion

Saturday 5th of January 2019

I do not have the video to make the lion mane but you may watch this video, it is using the similar method.


Saturday 24th of June 2017

Where do I find the sewing ligns

Audrey Moonlight

Thursday 28th of August 2014

Hi Craft Passion people, I work with Prison Fellowship New Zealand and currently am working with a long-term woman prisoner who makes sock monkeys (not your pattern) to give to the emergency services when they are involved with children in trauma. Could I have your permission to give the sock monkey, bunny, lion patterns to this prisoner for a very worthy cause?

Many thanks and warm regards Audrey Moonlight

Craft Passion

Tuesday 2nd of September 2014

Hi Audrey, please give the patterns to this prisoner. I am glad to be part of the good cause.


Wednesday 19th of February 2014

Can I get a PDF of this? Clicking the print button doesn't do anything!

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