Sew Sock Bunny {Droopy Ear Version}

sock bunny

As promised in my previous sock bunny sewing tutorial, here comes the kawai-i version – the “Droopy Ear Sock Bunny”. This bunny can sits on its own, it is great as toy for kid and as well as for home decoration. Hope you like it and made some for your loved ones.

Again, it is a single sock sewing, perfect if you have some don’t-know-what-to-do stray socks laying around that are still “new”. Or, you can make twins bunny with a new pair of socks.

Droopy Ear Sock Bunny

Since there have been quite some sock tutorials here, including the sock monkey, sock kitty and sock skeleton, I will have this tutorial a little simplified on the step photos. If you want to view more photos on the detail, perhaps a visit to the previous sock bunny tutorial will be a good start for a beginner or if you haven’t been there before.

Happy Sewing!

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sock bunny droopy ear

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  2. Oh, my!! That is just soooo CUTE!!


    Translation (by Google):

  4. Love this funny. It’s so cute. I’ll sure try making it later.
    I’d also like to share with you an old sock project I made before. It’s a panda. This was actually the first doll I made with socks. Hope you like it too. 🙂

  5. Yes, this was a kit came with a book. The limbs were actually pompoms. I have made some others. Will share with you later when I have time to organize my photos. 🙂

  6. Que lindoooo…!!!! adorable, me encantó 🙂
    Muchas gracias por compartir tan excelente tutorial.

    Translation (by Google):
    That lindoooo …!! adorable, I loved it 🙂
    Thank you very much for sharing such an excellent tutorial.

  7. Adorei!!!

    Translation (by Google):
    I loved it!

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  9. Muy lindo!!!!

    Translation (by Google):
    Very cute!!

  10. Where can I find the pattern for the droopy ear bunny. I have the tutorial and how to sew the bunny but no pattern. Thank you.

  11. Omg…. This bunny is too cute!! U should consider selling them…. 😀 they make cute hp hangers, keychains or just by being themselves!

  12. How cute is this bunny! I love your other bunny and monkey too!
    Pinning them…I must make them for my daughter!

  13. way too awesome!!! love it!!! thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Hi there was just wondering if this pattern can be used for commercial use, its not stated on the pattern itself and the copyright of the page only copyrights the content listed here but not the pattern itself, was rather confusing. 🙁 I dont want to steal something so just thought I would ask 😀

  15. its soo cute im gunna make it

  16. i mean it

  17. merci pour tout

    Translation (by Google):
    thank you for all

  18. Очаровашка какая!

    Translation (by Google):
    How adorable!

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  20. I want to make this for my friend’s baby sister and i was thinking maybe you could make some clothes patterns to go with it???

  21. I made this yesterday. It’s so cute! How do I sew the head to the body and the body to the arms without showing the finishing knots and the starts? (I’m a very inexperienced crafter). Thanks!

    • The start knot is easy, just start from the inside. As for the end knot, insert the needle deep into the bunny and go as far as possible and come out on the opposite side, pull the thread a little harder so that the knot get into the sock, trim the thread and the thread end will be hidden inside the bunny too.

  22. For some reason I just dont get how to do it. Specially the “body” and the “nose”. Maybe its because sewing-english is too hard for me to understand since I cant even understand sewing-germany. how did you make the nose/body? It just plopped out D:


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  24. This is so cute and I wish to have one! Is that possible for you to make a video tutorial of this?

  25. I made this and it turned out great. I had a small white sock lying around so i decided to use it . I didn’t have enough ‘sock fabric’ so i used another abandoned striped sock and i will be give it to my sisters child.

  26. This is just too cute! I want to make them as gifts for people, so I immediately went out and got a 3 pack of socks. Time to get stitching!~ (although the real question is if I actually convinced myself to toss my pink embroidery floss after 4 years of no use or if it’s still hanging around somewhere. Suppose I’ll find out soon enough!).

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