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Mini Crochet Dog Hat Pattern

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Make this crochet dog hat in just 30 minutes! It’ll be an excellent addition to your pet or stuffed animal’s small wardrobe. This baseball cap-inspired dog hat features a letter D initial design.

Continue reading to find a beginner-friendly DIY cap crochet dog hat pattern. If this is your first time crocheting, you can learn more about it at Guide to Crochet for Beginners.

crochet dog hat

Dress Up With Crochet Clothes

Apart from keeping pets healthy, fed, and groomed, dressing up fur babies has become an essential aspect of owning a pet. The market for the pet clothing industry has expanded tremendously in the previous years to keep up with pet owners’ demand!

Since store-bought pet accessories are not always affordable, having an assortment of pet clothes or accessories to choose from is a luxury. Now, you can make your own dog accessories with our free crochet pattern.

crochet dog with working suit free pattern

Crochet Hat For Miniature Dogs

With measurements of 2″ deep, 3.5″ wide, and 4″ long, this mini crochet hat fits most small dogs, like Chihuahuas and other teacup dogs.

This crochet dog hat is initially designed to fit most of our Amigurumi Animals. Take Danz, the crochet dog, for example, who never leaves the house without his cap!

Can I Make The Crochet Hat Bigger?

You can certainly use the same crochet pattern to make a larger crochet dog hat to fit larger pets. The simplest way to increase the size of a crochet pattern is to use bulkier yarn and a larger crochet hook.

Make a chin strap and attach it to the bottom sides of the hat to keep the crochet dog hat from falling off your pet’s head. This allows you to tie and secure the straps under your pet’s chin!

Continue reading to learn more about the crochet supplies we used.

free crochet dog hat pattern

What Crochet Supplies Do You Need?

We used a 2.5 mm crochet hook, a 1/2″ button, and a small amount of DK acrylic yarn in this free crochet dog hat pattern. As previously stated, if you want to make a bigger hat, simply increase the yarn and hook sizes. Since this crochet pattern does not require a lot of yarn, you can crochet it with leftover yarn.

mini crochet cap with a button at the back

How To Crochet

The Crochet Stitches

This crochet dog hat is constructed with primarily single crochet stitches. You will also need to learn how to work the following basic stitches to shape the mini hat: 

  • Chain stitch
  • 2sc increase
  • Slip stitch
how to crochet dog hat

The Four Components

This crochet dog hat comprises four parts; the main cap, the back strap, the top button, and the D letter. Feel free to customize this project with a different embellishment or alphabet if you prefer.

The main cap and top button begin with a magic ring and are worked in the round, while the back strap and D letter start with a slip knot.

mini crochet cap with a button on top

How To Assemble

After you have completed each part of the crochet dog hat,

  1. Connect the back strap and button to the back of the cap,
  2. Sew the crochet button to the top of the cap, 
  3. And lastly, stitch the letter on the front of the cap. This is optional if you crochet a hat without an alphabet. 

Lastly, spray or evenly coat the crochet hat in fabric starch to maintain the shape. Then, let it dry overnight before placing it on your beloved pet. 

crochet dog hats

You can choose to crochet the main cap, the top button, and the back strap in a different yarn color for a more playful outcome! Otherwise, crochet them in a single color, like the gray and black ones in the picture above, for a minimalist look.

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Happy crochet!

crochet dog hat pattern

How To Crochet Dog Hat

Yield: Mini Baseball Cap
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: USD 2 - 5

Make this crochet dog hat in just 30 minutes! It'll be an excellent addition to your pet or stuffed animal's small wardrobe.


  • DK Acrylic yarn in Denim color, about quarter ball of 100 gram/ball
  • DK Acrylic yarn in Pastel Yellow color, Short Length (to make letter D)
  • 1/2" button, Blue (as decoration)
  • Fabric Starch Spray


  • 2.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors



(In US crochet terms)
ch: chain stitch
inc: 2sc increase
MR: magic ring or magic circle
sc: single crochet
sl knot: slip knot
sl st: slip stitch
prev: previous
RS: Right Side
WS: Wrong Side

Crochet Tension Gauge (4"x4"):

22 sts x 24 rows (Single Crochet Stitch)

Finished Size:

2" Deep, 3.5" Wide, 4" Long.


Main Cap Pattern

With Blue Yarn, begin with a Magic Ring (MR)
Round 1: sc 6 in MR. {6}
Round 2: [inc] around. {12}
Round 3: [inc, sc] around. {18}
Round 4: [sc 2. inc] around. {24}
Round 5: [inc, sc 3] around. {30}
Round 6: [sc 2, inc, sc 2] around. {36}
Round 7: [inc, sc 5] around. {42}
Round 8: [sc 3, inc, sc 3] around. {48}
Round 9: [inc, sc 11] around. {52}
Round 10: [sc 6, inc, sc 6] around. {56}
Round 11: [inc, sc 13] around. {60}
Round 12: [sc 7, inc, sc 7] around. {64}
Round 13 - 19: sc around. {64}
Round 20: sc 25, sl st, turn.
Continue to crochet the Visor pattern of the cap.
Round 21 (WS): skip next st (the sl st of prev round), sl st, sc 6, [inc] 11 times, sc 6, sl st, turn. {36}
Round 22 (RS): skip next 2 sts (sl st & sc pr prev round), sl st, sc 30, sl st, turn. {32}
Round 23 (WS): skip next 2 sts (sl st & sc pr prev round), sl st, sc 26, sl st, turn. {28}
Round 24 (RS): skip next 2 sts (sl st & sc pr prev round), sl st, sc 22, sl st, turn. {24}
Round 25 (WS): skip next 2 sts (sl st & sc pr prev round), sl st, sc 18, sl st, turn. {20}
Round 26 (RS): skip next st (the sl st of prev round) , sl st around the cap. {74}
Fasten the yarn to the first sl st of the last round and hide the yarn.

Back Strap

With Blue yarn, make a slip knot, leave a long tail for sewing
Row 1: ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 4 sts, turn. {5}
Row 2: ch, sc in next 5 sts,
Continue to make a loop at the end of the back strap.
ch5 , fasten to the first st of Row 1 and hide yarn end.

Top Button

With Blue Yarn, begin with a Magic Ring (MR)
Round 1: sc 8 in MR. {8}
Fasten and leave a long tail for sewing

D Letter

With Blue yarn, make a slip knot
Round 1: ch 14, sl st to form a ring
Round 2: ch, inc, sl st 4, inc, sl st 8.
fasten to the first st and leave a long tail for sewing

How To Assemble Mini Crochet Cap

  1. Crochet the cap, back strap, top button, and Letter D using the above crochet patterns. And gather a small 1/2" blue button for a faux cap fastener at the back of the cap.
    how to crochet dog hat
  2. Sew the back strap to the cap, then stitch the button to it. Slip the crochet loop onto the button.
    mini crochet cap with a button at the back
  3. Stitch the top button and the letter D into place. Weave all loose yarn ends into the stitches to hide them.
    mini crochet cap with a button on top
  4. Lastly, spray or soak the cap in fabric starch to hold its shape. Make sure to spray until it is completely saturated. Shape the cap and set it aside to dry overnight.
    how to shape cap

Get the free patterns to make the crochet dog and a pair of crochet suspender pants.

crochet dog with working suit free pattern


Depending on the speed and hours you are spending on the project, the total time needed is only an approximation.

You are allowed to make and sell from this pattern on small-scale production. However, you are not allowed to publish the patterns and pictures in any form without the prior written permission of Craft Passion.

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