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Monstera Leaf Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

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Are you ready to add some boho-chic to your home decor? It also makes an excellent housewarming gift for your best friend. You can make this lovely Monstera Leaf crochet wall hanging using our free pattern and tutorial.

Inspired by the trendy lush leaves, this monstera leaf crochet wall hanging blends modern bohemian style with natural beauty. Its stylish tropical design will not only spruce up your space, but it will also bring a vibrant, laid-back vibe to any room. It works well in a variety of styles, including bohemian, tropical, or zen-inspired modern designs. So, gather your hooks and join me on a crocheting adventure, shall we?

Create a stunning Monstera Leaf crochet wall hanging with our free crochet pattern & tutorial to add a touch of bohemian-inspired modern designs to your home decor.

About This Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

This Monstera Leaf Crochet Wall Hanging measures approximately 21″ wide and 47″ tall. Although it is crocheted in a monochromatic color scheme, you can use any color you prefer. It is made with a colorwork technique known as intarsia crochet. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this crochet term before; if you’re a beginner attempting this free crochet wall hanging pattern, we’ve got you covered.

This wall hanging crochet pattern includes these details.:

  1. A colorwork chart of a Double Monstera Leaf designed specifically for intarsia crochet.
  2. A full list of crochet supplies and recommendations
  3. How to get ready for colorwork Intarsia Crochet
  4. The basic crochet stitches used in this project
  5. Crochet tutorial with tips for perfecting this crochet wall hanging
  6. How to block and shape the crochet piece
  7. How to add the final touch to finish the wall hanging

This pattern is mostly made up of single crochet (sc) stitches, but it also includes chain (ch) stitches and slip (sl st) stitches. Although changing yarn colors may be a challenge, this pattern is appropriate for avid beginner crocheters who want to take their crochet skills to the next level. If you need a refresher on the basics of crochet, check out this beginner’s guide to crochet.

What is intarsia crochet?

First and foremost, let’s talk about the colorwork crochet method used in this free pattern. You may have heard the term Tapestry Crochet when it comes to colorwork crochet. But there’s more than one way to do colorwork; we’re using a technique called Intarsia crochet in this project.

Unlike Tapestry Crochet, which carries yarn strands across each row to create intricate colorwork designs, Intarsia Crochet uses separate bobbins or balls of yarn to create isolated color blocks within a project.

Can I use the Tapestry crochet method to make this wall hanging? Yes, if you prefer this method, you may use it. We opted to use Intarsia Crochet because this technique is neater and requires less yarn.

If you’re new to Intarsia Crochet, don’t worry; here’s a great Beginner Intarsia Crochet Video Tutorial to get you started. It covers the fundamentals of Intarsia crocheting, which is required to create this lovely wall hanging.

If you enjoy colorwork crochet, you should also try our free crochet heart coaster and crochet shamrock coaster patterns.


Once you understand how this crochet wall hanging pattern works, let’s get started by preparing the materials.

Gather Crochet Supplies

crochet wall hanging supplies

Here is a list of the crochet supplies you will need for this crochet wall hanging.

Additional tools:

  • Color printer & paper for printing out the colorwork chart
  • Pen and calculator – for yarn length calculations
  • Small cards (11 pcs), hole puncher, and clip – for yarn ball markings
  • Pail, water, dry towel, blocking mat – for blocking

What Yarn Is Best For Wall Hanging?

This wall hanging project works best with cotton and acrylic yarn in bulky weight. Crocheting with chunky yarn is quick and produces a piece that is both cozy and rich in texture.

If you can’t find the specific yarn specified here, don’t fret. You can also use multiple strands of worsted yarn to achieve the desired thickness and gauge.

Or, if you don’t mind your finished wall hanging being in different sizes, you could use whatever yarn you happen to have on hand.

Check Your Tension

crochet tension gauge swatch

The crochet tension for the wall hanging piece is 12 stitches x 15 rows for a 4″ x 4″ square; crochet with single crochet stitches using a 5.5 mm crochet hook and the bulky yarn mentioned above.

It is strongly advised that you make a test swatch to determine your crochet tension, particularly if you are not using the exact yarn and hook size specified here. This will help you determine the final size of your crochet wall hanging. If your test swatch is smaller, for example, then you can expect your completed crochet piece to be smaller as well, and vice versa.

Measure The Yarn

When working with intarsia crochet, it is critical to estimate the amount of yarn needed for each area/block specified in the colorwork chart. You can calculate the length of yarn needed to make a sc stitch using the simple step below. You will obtain the total length of yarn required by multiplying the number of stitches.

This is an important step; do not skip it.

How to measure yarn amount to make a crochet stitch

Make a mark on the yarn of the last stitch of your test swatch.

Undo a row of the stitches and mark the last point of the undoing on the yarn.

How to measure yarn amount to make a crochet stitch

Let’s say the total yarn length for this row is 60″ for 20 stitches. You can calculate the length for one sc stitch by dividing the total length by 20 stitches. It is 60/20 = 3″, for example. Keep this number handy for the next steps.

Download & Print Pattern

If you haven’t already, download and print the Monstera Leaf colorwork chart, which is specifically designed for Intarsia crochet. I’ve made two different file types available: .png is an image file, and .pdf is a document file. Choose one or both to download based on your preferences.

monstera wall hanging pattern with intarsia crochet method

Print this colorwork pattern in color and at a good size (Letter or A4), as it will be your primary source of reference.

As you may have noticed, the chart features a long list of words on the far right. This section will help you calculate the amount of yarn needed in each area, as indicated by the different colors on the chart. Let’s go over the details next.

How To Calculate Yarn Amount?

Have a pen and a calculator handy; we’ll need to do some simple math to figure out how much yarn to use in each of the blocks labeled with different colors.

how to prepare for intarsia crochet

On the right of the chart, there is a key showing the color blocks of the wall hanging pattern. The first six keys are for gray yarn, and the next five are for white yarn. Each key represents the areas of the specific yarn ball being used there.

There is a formula further down the right-hand side for you to calculate the yarn amount for each yarn ball. Take note that there are a few areas/blocks for a yarn ball to cover, and each area requires extra yarn to begin and end, so we set aside about 8″ for each area. We also added 10% to account for any discrepancies in crochet tension, random errors, or just as an allowance.

Apply the yarn length of each sc stitch you measured to the formula to get the total yarn length for each yarn ball. We have included an example computation in the chart for your convenience. It’s really that simple!

Making Yarn Balls

We are now in the final stages of preparation! First, make some small cards to label the key colors to the appropriate yarn balls. Cut 11 pieces of a 1″ x 1″ square from card stock. Make a hole in the center with a hole puncher to allow the yarn to pass through.

yarn balls in intarsia crochet for crochet wall hanging

Now, measure the yarns according to the lengths you calculated, cut them, roll them into yarn balls, and label them with the small little cards. I used a clip to keep the yarn end from unraveling from the ball.

You now have everything you need to crochet a Monstera Leaf Wall Hanging.

Crochet Wall Hanging

The entire wall hanging is made mainly of sc stitches. And, before you can crochet sc stitches, you must first make a foundation chain. Here are the steps together with the FAQs on how to crochet it.

how to crochet wall hanging

To begin your foundation chain, make a slip knot on your crochet hook and crochet 50 chain stitches.

How To Crochet On The Foundation Chain?

Row 1:
Begin Row 1 of your wall hanging with a chain stitch as a turning chain. Begin at the second chain from the hook and single crochet in the back bump of the foundation chain until you reach the end of the row. Turn your work around.

How To Crochet Straight Side Edges?

how to crochet straight edges

Straight side edges will give your wall hanging a professional look. Here is how to achieve it for Row 2 onwards.

Row 2 Onwards:
Make a turning chain at the beginning of the row, sc in the first stitch, followed by sc in the next stitch until the row is finished. The last stitch is made on the previous row’s chain stitch, i.e. the horizontal bar as shown in the picture.

How to change color in colorwork crochet?

how to change yarn color in crochet wall hanging

Colorworks begins from Row 3 onwards, and here is how to change yarn in colorwork crochet.

Row 3 Onwards:
Crochet as usual with the existing yarn until you are at the last stitch of the color. Before completing the last draw-through of the existing color, drop the yarn and pick up the new yarn color to draw through and complete the last stitch.

Crochet in the same manner with the new yarn color until you need to change the yarn color. Arrange all of the yarn ends to one side of the crochet work, either the front or back.

Always leave a 4″ yarn tail at the beginning and end of the block for weaving and hiding.

Work in single crochet repeats while adhering to the color chart until the entire wall hanging is completed.

How To Make A Reversible Crochet Wall Hanging

how to change yarn color in crochet

Another useful crochet wall hanging tip is to make your intarsia crochet piece reversible so that it looks good on both sides, front and back. You may have noticed that color change does not always occur where the next working yarn is located. Having said that, the new color’s working yarn may be a few stitches away when you need to crochet the next stitch. If you pull the yarn over, an unappealing float will develop at the back of your crochet work. To avoid this insightful float, pick up the yarn and carry it in the stitches until you’re ready to work with it.

Finished Up

front and back of crochet wall hanging

This is how it will look once completed. The yarn tails on one side of the work will be neatened next.

yarn ball

Fasten off the yarn at the last stitch without cutting it. We’ll need to use it to attach the crochet piece to the dowel or driftwood.

weaving in yarn tail to hide

Hide all yarn tails by weaving them into the stitch and trimming away the access.


how to block crochet wall hanging

Soak your crochet piece in a pail of room-temperature water for about 30 minutes. Don’t soak the yarn ball that you have set aside to attach the wooden rod.

Remove it from the water and press to remove excess water; do not wring. Place it on a dry towel, roll it up, and press to dry it further.

If you have a blocking mat and pins, place the damp crochet piece on it and shape the piece into a nice rectangle. Otherwise, lay it on any clean, flat surface in a well-ventilated room. It will take a few days to dry, depending on how dry your weather is, so be patient.

The blocked crochet piece should be about 16.5″ wide and 29.5″ tall based on the crochet tension of the test swatch.

Add Bottom Fringes

Adding fringes to a crochet wall hanging can add a decorative touch to your project. Here’s how to make bottom fringes for a crochet wall hanging:

how to make bottom fringes for wall hanging piece

For the fringes, cut 104 pieces of 15″ yarn strands from any leftover yarn from the color block yarn ball.

You can use a piece of cardboard cut to the desired length as a template to cut your yarn strands. Wrap the yarns around the cardboard and snip them.

how to add fringes to a wall hanging

Take 4 strands of yarn and fold them in half. Use a crochet hook to pull the folded end through a stitch at the bottom edge of your wall hanging. Insert your fingers through the loop created by the folded end and pull the loose ends of the yarn through the loop, securing it to the wall hanging. This creates a fringe with a loop at the top.

Continue attaching fringes along the bottom edge of your wall hanging, spacing them evenly by attaching the fringes at every 2 stitches. Finish the last fringe on the last stitch; there should be 26 sets of them.

Once all the fringes are attached, use scissors to trim the ends evenly. You can also trim them into a V-shape or other decorative shapes for a more sophisticated look.

Attach The Dowel Or Driftwood Rod

Finally, attach the crochet piece to a wooden rod and make a loop for hanging. A 1″ to 1.5″ diameter dowel rod will be ideal for this size of wall hanging. To add character and style, a large driftwood rod is recommended.

how to attach a rod to crochet wall hanging

How To Attach Wall Hanging To A Dowel?

Untie the yarn ball you’ve set aside for this area. Insert the crochet hook into the loop and continue crocheting. Wrap the yarn around the rod and slip stitching to the next stitch. Wrap and crochet slip stitch until you reach the end. Hide the yarn tail.

how to make a hanging cord for crochet wall art

How To Make The Hanging Rope?

Crochet a foundation chain of 80 chain stitches. Feel free to adjust the number of stitches to your desired length: fewer stitches mean a shorter hanging cord, and more stitches mean a longer cord.

Wrap the foundation chain snugly around the wooden rod and secure it with a slip stitch to its back bump. Count the number of stitches required to wrap the rod (mine is about 10); you will need this number for the opposite end.

Continue to slip stitch in the back bump of the foundation chain until you are the same number of stitches away from the end. Fasten off, leaving a few inches of yarn tail for sewing.

You can now add the optional wooden beads to the hanging cord, but this is only for decoration.

Sew the other end of the cord to the rod, hide all yarn tails, and cover the joints with wooden beads and glue.

You have completed the Monstera Leaf crochet wall hanging in the trendy modern bohemian style.


how to crochet wall hanging


    • Start crocheting and share your completed handmade on Facebook and/or Instagram. Remember to tag us, @craftpassion, so that we are able to see them.
    • Pin it to Pinterest for a future To-Crochet List
    • Share with your crochet groups for a crochet-along event.
    • Try out more free crochet patterns to make, particularly Crochet Giant Doily Rug and Crochet Japanese Maple Leaf, to match this crochet wall hanging.
Create a stunning Monstera Leaf crochet wall hanging with our free crochet pattern & tutorial to add a touch of bohemian-inspired modern designs to your home decor.

How To Crochet Wall Hanging

Yield: 21" x 47" crochet wall art
Active Time: 2 days
Additional Time: 2 days
Total Time: 3 days
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $28 - $35

Create a stunning Monstera Leaf crochet wall hanging with our free crochet pattern & tutorial to add a touch of bohemian-inspired modern designs to your home decor.


Yarn, Bulky Weight

Dowel Rod

  • Driftwood or Wooden Dowel about 1″- 1.5″ diameter, 21″ length


  • Wooden beads, 1/2″ diameter

Download Colorwork Pattern Sheet


  • Crochet hook, 5.5 mm / USA size I
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Hot glue (optional)

Additional Tools

  • Color printer & paper - for printing out of colorwork pattern sheet
  • pen, and calculator - for yarn length calculations
  • Small cards (11 pcs), hole puncher, and clip - for yarn ball markings
  • Pail, water, dry towel, blocking mat - for blocking



Overall: 21" x 47"
Crochet Piece: 16.5" x 29.5"


(In US Crochet Terms)
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
sl knot: slip knot
st: stitch
fo: fasten off

How to crochet a wall hanging

  1. Gather all the supplies and tools listed above.
  2. Make a test swatch to check your crochet tension.
  3. Measure the yarn needed to make an sc stitch in inches.
  4. Download and print the pattern sheet in colors and work out the calculations.
  5. Prepare your yarn balls for intarsia crochet and label them accordingly with the small cards.
  6. Crochet the wall hanging by following the crochet pattern below and following the colorwork pattern sheet with the intarsia crochet method.
  7. Hide all yarn ends. Block the crochet piece to the correct size and shape.
  8. Cut 104 pieces of 15" yarn as the bottom fringes. Attach 4 strands of fringes every 2 stitches to space them evenly.
  9. Crochet around the rod to attach the crochet piece to the dowel.
  10. Crochet a hanging cord and tie it to both ends of the dowel, and decorate with 2 wooden beads.

Crochet Pattern

Foundation chain: sl knot, ch 50, turn.

Row 1: ch, sc in back bump of foundation chain for the next 50 sts. Turn. {50}

Row 2: ch, sc in next 50 sts. ch. Turn. {36}
Note: The last stitch should end on the ch stitch of the previous row.

Repeat Row 2 and follow the colorwork chart for yarn color change.

Fasten off your yarn without cutting the yarn, reserve the balance yarn for joining the hanging rod.


The total amount of time required will vary depending on how quickly and how many hours you work on the project.

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