DIY Halloween Crafts Round-up

trapped ghost
Halloween is just a week away…. I am counting down and rounding up the Halloween crafts then I can go “Boo”ing around and have fun.

But, before I am allowed to go, I took one of the ghosts from the ghost lights and toss it in a glass jar. He has been naughty lately and not following the rules. This time he ain’t going with me, I hope he learned a good lesson and behave well when I am back.

Holiday light mini jack o lanterns
Along with the ghost lights decoration, I found a bunch of mini mandarin oranges holiday lights in my store room which I have been decorating for my Chinese New year since years. Now, they become part of my Halloween light decorations. All I have to do is to draw the oranges with permanent marker, easy and quick!!!

Halloween Crafts

1. Pom-Pom Jack ‘O Lantern
2. Pom-Pom Black Widow Spider
3. Sock Skeleton Couples
4. Skeleton Costume
5. Pumpkin Costume
6. Pumpkin Treat Basket
7. Ghost Lights
8. Mummy Holder
9. Candy Corn Memo Holder
Not enough Halloween crafts to inspire you? Here are some more from others which I think you might be interested.

That’s all for now… till then…. BOO!!!

Halloween Egg Carton Bats and Leaf Ghosts by Happy Clippings.
Egg Carton Bats Ghost Leaves

Pipe Cleaner Yarn Spiders by Make And Takes.
pipe cleaner spider pom pom

Pipe Cleaner Spider Ring by Crafts By Amanda.
Pipe Cleaner Spider Ring

DIY Spider Sacks by Modern Parents Messy Kids.
DIY Spider Sacks

Orange Jack O’ Lantern by Momtastic.
Orange Jack O' Lantern
Flexi Mummies by Family Chic.
flexi mummies
Black Grape Vine Pumpkin With Lights by Jen Goode’s 100 Directions.

Halloween Candles by Fresh Home Ideas.
halloween candles
Ghost Jug Lights by Family Fun Crafts.
Ghost Jug Lights

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  1. especially cool are the eggbox bats…they are soooo COOL

  2. This poor little ghost is cute… please let it go …

    Your bats are pretty too, and easy to make …

    Thank you for your ideas so lovely, I love your idea of Halloween, even your spiders are cute!


  3. What a fabulous round up Joanne, and I love your little ghost at the top! Thanks for including my spider ring!

  4. So cute all of your crafts. What kind of lights in the gallon milk jugs?

    • Hi Anne, the link of the tutorial said that it uses a low voltage LED holiday lights. I think it is to avoid the heat build up inside the milk jugs, just like the one I did for my ghost lights.

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