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30+ Fabulous Animal-Themed Patterns To Crochet As Christmas Gifts

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animal-themed patterns to crochet

Have you started to crochet your Christmas gifts for someone special? We have prepared a round-up of more than 30 fabulous animal-themed crochet patterns for you to choose, some are easy and quick to crochet, some might need extra effort but you will end up with lovely gifts. The recipients will appreciate your gifts as they will feel the love and thought you have put in, not to mention the time and effort. 

Over the years, Craft Passion has published hundreds of patterns and tutorials for free and the library is growing bigger and bigger. We foresee that browsing through this huge pattern library could be difficult for some reason. Hence, many years back, Craft Passion added a link somewhere below the logo called “Gallery” where you may do a quick search by browsing through the small thumb photos of the pattern. As the numbers of patterns grew bigger now, we, again, think that we should do a round-up post for each related pattern on a certain topic that you might be interested in. So here it is, a round-up of 

30+ Fabulous Animal-Themed Patterns To Crochet As Christmas Gifts

If you like the round-up in this way, we will do it periodically based on the public interest’s topic.

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